Stardrop - makeup for lalafells

Version: 1.0

  A Face Mod by sasiah.

Contributor Information:

Sofie - face defined base textures - pose used for cover photo (minor editing applied) - explained to me how to edit the multi for better skin tone compatibility - original makeup design and dear friend 💕

Author's Comments:

[ Cover photo uses neneko colors - crystal filter ]

Pastel pink and blue decora makeup, with winged liner, and an assortment of little star stickers and white freckles adorning lightly blushed cheeks for all F lala faces!

Google Drive folder contains:

🌟 Preview photos for how each makeup looks on all 4 faces AND in different skin tones (pale, medium, and dark tones)
🌟 Individual PNGs in case you would like to apply makeup to only one of the faces, or to mix and match which face has which version of the makeup
🌟 Transparent makeups without base texture, so you can transplant this makeup onto whichever face base you prefer best! Be aware, this makeup is heavily dependent on the multi texture, so don't forget to import it as well if you're manually installing individual files

Permissions/Additional notes:

🌟 Please don't repost and claim as your own, I worked hard on painting this!
🌟 Personal edits like adding moles or tattoos or lashes or whatever are fine, but please give credit to or tag me in any revisions/edits that are posted
🌟 Please don't paywall any edits, this is a public mod that was done for funsies, and Sofie doesn't allow monetization off of their textures
🌟 Fine for use in public and private photo requests, but please credit me
🌟 Do note that it will likely not work on custom sculpts, it was painted with the vanilla face shape in mind
🌟 Please don't edit or warp the textures to fit a custom sculpt
🌟 If you would like a personalized makeup to fit your custom sculpt, please contact me instead and I will see about fulfilling a request/commission

Personal Notes:

🌟 I can be found @misshanayo on twitter
🌟 I will be happy to make revisions for any glaring issues, please let me know if there's something that needs attention
🌟 I'm open to suggestions/requests for makeups, please feel free to contact me if you would like something in particular
🌟 I have pretty bad ADHD and will be returning to school soon, so turnaround time is very hard to estimate, please be patient with me
🌟 I'm going to be going back to my previous mods (namely sunkissed and merlot) and updating them to have better skin tone compatibility, so please look forward to that. All mods will be thoroughly tested for tone compatibility moving forward

Primary File or Link:

Google Drive folder : [ via ]

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Last Version Update :
Sat Aug 28 2021 04:10:35 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Fri Aug 27 2021 05:18:28 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Contributors :

Affects / Replaces :
all female lalafell faces

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