Revealing Secrets - Cordy's Kinkporium

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Gear Mod by Cordelia Mist

Author's Comments:

Hello Everyone! I hope you enjoy the 4th product of my Kinkporium (3rd product release soon! Still on early access)
This mod edits the mesh of all scarfs in the game, taking away the part of the mesh behind the front of the scarf that blocks the view of your characters mouth when you wear one, and now makes it visible, allowing you to see any gag in your mouth when you wear them. A rather small change, but an effective one.
I hope you all enjoy!~:bchearthug:

:discord: <-- Cordy's Kinkporium Official Discord

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Like what I do? Consider making a donation to my Ko-Fi , or getting a membership on my Patreon/Ko-Fi for extra benefits, early access, and a discord role giving you access to behind the scenes content and more!

This mod should work as intended, Only works on female races, mesh not supported for male races, if i get enough input to add male race support however I will go back and add that support in a future update.

- Please if you encounter any problems or bugs, DM me on discord, my name is CordeliaMist on the mod archive, I will be happy to look into any bugs and attempt to fix them and update the mod.

- I tried to get this to work on female Midlander and Roegadyn, however, they sadly will not show earrings when those 2 races equip the scarf, despite having showearringshuman enabled on the metadata. I'm not sure why, hopefully can find a fix for that in the future

- Please do not use any part of this mod for paid private commissions.
- Please also do not alter the mod design.
- If you wish to port this whatsoever, please message me for permission on discord or give advice or suggestions and requests on how to better improve the mod.

I plan on developing several BDSM Mods, after spending the last 8 weeks learning blender, ensuring that I will master 3D modeling in such a way where once I produce one Mod, I will be able to create many more at a quick pace!
For too long, FFXIV's BDSM lovers have gone without new mods to use for screenshots, RP, and other situations.
Luckily, with the creation of Cordy's Kinkporium, BDSM Mods will soon change that for the better! So i say once more with confidence this time, I hope that you enjoy my first official product!~

Primary File or Link:

Cordy's Kinkporium - Revealing Secrets.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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👀 11.2K
💾 917
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Last Version Update :
Fri Aug 27 2021 19:10:57 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Fri Aug 27 2021 18:59:42 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Any Scarf Similar to the Cotton Scarf

Races :
Miqo'te, Elezen, Au Ra, Viera
Genders :

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