DNC's Skill Effects Remake/舞者技能特效重做mod

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ocealot for VFX Editor

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After playing ff14 for many years, I always feel that the game lacks a sense of attack, especially for some early jobs. So I think I'll try to remake some skill effects, which may increase the sense of attack and hand feeling. However, some skills are over updated, which is my personal interest or aesthetical standard.
This time, I brought the skills mod of the Dancer.
May you like it~

the Video Preview:https://youtu.be/sjBKHv0ozXE

Design concept:
I finally done the dancer's! In this way, all jobs' has been completed!

However, dancer is like gunbreaker. As a new class added in 5.0, their visual effects are good enough. Therefore, most skills did not make significant visual changes. Single target skills only changed the color according to the skill icon. But two step-skills are added a lot of visual effects. Fan dance changed the color together with the skill icon. Among them, I like the feeling of whipping! Otherwise, I did a lot of sound effects to improve the dancer's combat feeling.
In addition, I edited the video a little seriously this time, so the time is a little long. Please be patient. If you like my works, welcome to donate me. Maybe there will be a new series in the future.

If you like my modification work and are willing to support me,
I will be very happy and have more motivation.
https://ko-fi.com/papapapachin ←❤※❤
Fan dance:[G]mains Green,the color is not changed.
[Y]=Yellow,changed both vfx and icon
[R]=Red,changed both vfx and icon

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Fri Aug 27 2021 20:25:54 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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DNC's Skill

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