Templar class - DRK VFX replacement

Version: 2.1

  A VFX by Themurloc

Author's Comments:

Replaces the spells for Dark Knight to be light and holy themed rather than darkness and unholy themed.

UPDATE: Now includes most abilities above level 60, thanks to the dummies in Wolves' Den Pier. Still does not include Living Shadow, as that is not part of the pvp skillset like the other post 60 abilities. I also managed to find the files for the DRK UI elements and changed those as well.
UPDATE 2: Now updated for Endwalker, with (i think?) all the new abilities that added. At least those that I could find by browsing files based on the spell names in the spellbook and teleporting to wolves' den to see the pvp moveset, since I don't have a sub or endwalker, so I can't actually access those abilities otherwise
UPDATE 2.1: Now includes txt file with import code for Namingway to change the ability names
Hard Slash - Crusading Slash
Syphon Strike - Fervent Strike
Souleater - Justicar's Wrath
Unleash - Pillars of Light
Stalwart Soul - Heavens' Judgement
Grit - Crusader's Zeal
Unmend - Inquisitor's Reach
Flood of Darkness - Surge of Light
Blood Weapon - Sanctified Weapon
Shadow Wall - Light's Shield
Edge of Darkness - Edge of Light
Dark Mind - Righteous Resolve
Living Dead - Eternal Crusade
Salted Earth - Consecrated Ground
Plunge - Ardent Charge
Abyssal Drain - Light of the Justicar
Carve and Spit - Zealous Flurry
Bloodspiller - Divine Verdict
Quietus - Radiant Cleave
Delirium - Divine Radiance
Blackest Night - Brightest Dawn
Flood of Shadow - Surge of Radiance
Edge of Shadow - Edge of Radiance
Dark Missionary - Resolute Missionary
Living Shadow - Fallen's Retribution
Oblation - Guardian's Favor
Shadowbringer - Ashbringer
Salt and Darkness - Consecrated Surge
Darkside - Divine Purpose
Dark Arts - Righteous Path
Blackblood - Purity of Will

If any modders are interested in finishing the mod off with new effects for Living Shadow, you would be awesome. It is the only ability that is missing.
Update: The Archangel mod by Vulonsulin includes an altered VFX for Living Shadow. If you want that effect alongside this mod, you can install their mod first (unchecking the .pap and .tmb files in his install, as well as jobhuddrk1.tex, jobhuddrk0.tex), then install this one afterward, overwriting the vfx changes from the archangel mod, then manually going through the mod list in textools and deleting any of the previously mentioned files you forgot to uncheck before.
Yeah, its a process, but I can't prepackage that without their permission. They did the work, they deserve the download. Plus this comes with the added bonus of filling the gaps I didn't have time to do, like some of the unchanged ability icons

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Templar-DRK VFX overhaul v2-1.rar : [ via Direct Download ]

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Fri Sep 03 2021 01:37:27 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Dark Knight

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