Gilgamesh's Arsenal

Version: 1.0

  A Gear Mod by sortofarbitrary

Author's Comments:

Replaces several weapons with weapons from the Gilgamesh fight Battle in the Big Keep.

:Paladin:Paladin Weapons
- Gilgamesh Shamshir - Replaces (Aertherial) Cobalt Shamshir, Ul'dah Scimitar, and all variants with Gilgamesh's Shamshir
- Gilgamesh Hand Axe - Replaces (Aertherial and Dated) Iron Shortsword, Lominsan Shortsword, Weathered Shortsword, and all variants with Gilgamesh's hand axe.
- Gilgamesh Spiked Mace - Replaces (Dated) Bronze Spatha, (Aetherial and Dated) Iron Spatha, (Flame, Serpent, and Storm) Private's Spatha, Dated Bee Spatha, Gridanian Spatha, and all variants with Gilgamesh's spiked mace.

:Warrior:Warrior Weapons
- Gilgamesh Great Axe - Replaces (Dated) Bronze War Axe, (Aetherial and Dated) Iron War Axe, (Flame, Serpent, and Storm) Private's Axe, Plundered Battleaxe, (Dated) Cloud Axe, (Aetherial and Dated) Inferno Axe, Charred Axe, Weathered War Axe, and all variants with a resized version of Gilgamesh's hand axe.
- Gilgamesh Morning Star - Replaces Titanium Axe and all variants with a resized version Gilgamesh's spiked mace.

:GunBreaker:Gunbreaker Weapon
- Gilgamesh Gun Axe - Replaces Ghost Barque Gunblade, Deepgold Gunblade, and all variants with an edited version of Gilgamesh's Gun Spear.

:Dark_Knight_Icon_3:Dark Knight Weapon
- Gilgamesh Greatsword - Repalces (Weathered) Arondight, Adamantite Greatsword, High Steel Guillotine, and all variants with Gilgamesh's golden greatsword.
- Gilgamesh Dark Katana - Replaces Belah'dian Claymore, Ghost Barque Glaymore, Deepgold Claymore, and all variants with Gilgamesh's katana.

:Dragoon:Dragoon Weapon
- Gilgamesh Gun Spear - Replaces Spear of the Fury and all variants with Gilgamesh's Gun Spear

:Samurai:Samurai Weapon
- Gilgamesh Katana - Replaces Mythrite Uchigatana, Titanium Uchigatana, Adamantite Uchigatana, Highsteel Uchigatana, Padjali Katana, and all variants with Gilgamesh's katana.

*I did not do a monk claw weapon from Gilgamesh's claw, because I believe it already exists in some form in the base game. If I'm mistaken, I can add a mod for it down the road.

*I may add more edited versions of his weapons down the road if the mood strikes me.

*No video or gif demonstration for this, as there are too many weapons to demonstrate succinctly. But you can see what the weapons look like in Battle in the Big Keep videos, or the image provided.

Check out my Kofi for a link to projects I'm currently working on:

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Gilgamesh : [ via Direct Download ]

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Fri Sep 17 2021 01:19:11 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Fri Sep 17 2021 00:18:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Adamantite Greatsword, Weathered Shortsword, Bronze Spatha, Titanium Axe, Uchigatana, and more

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