Olivia's Promotion Outfit - Bibo+ & T&F Gen3

Version: 1.0

  A Gear Mod by kahm

Contributor Information:

Thanks to Kara for Supplying the files!
Thanks to Fire Emblem for the original Materials
Thanks to bizu, illydoesthings, Tsar for the Bibo+ Rig and Textures
Thanks to titanfirm for the Gen3 Textures
Thanks to Textools for making this possible!

Author's Comments:

Took this on as a "self" project to kill time, but when I posted it as a WiP, I got a lot of positive reactions so I focused on getting it done :D Thanks to everyone for their Support <3

So what we have here is a Fire Emblem Warriors port of Olivia's Promotion outfit. I did my best to keep her body shapes/sizes exactly the same as her base character, but I did make her chest jiggle.. unlike in FEW.. ANYWAY! the chest size is 60% Bibo+ XL with a 60% Push-up. The legs are Bibo+ Small. For quick testing reasons I put this on the Antecedent's Attire, however I was planning on making use of the Thavnairian set. The Mod Pack Wizard gives the option to make use of either one with Bibo+ or T&F Gen3 Compatible skin Textures. This should also work for all Non-Lala Females, tho I only tested it on my Miqo. Lastly, I am sorry, but this is not dyeable.

As for the Weights, I've not noticed any big problems when testing this in gpose. That said, there are still some small issues... sorry, i'm still not perfect :( However, you should still enjoy the hell out of this outfit! I tried to make the little jewel above the waist line move when you do instead of having it jus sit there static, but one of the beads kinda goes wonky when you sprint.

Feel free to Edit/Upscale/Downscale/Re-Post/Whatever just please credit me for the original mod, Thanks :D
And as always, if you discover any major issues with this mod, please let me know via DM in Discord and I will work on correcting it asap!

- Side note to Penumbra users -
It has been brought to my attention that some of my mods don't fully work when only installing them thru Penumbra. I am unsure why this is, but I think it might have something to do with the edited Metadata included with those Mods. Some of my Mods I have enabled Models for Females via the metadata and those are the parts that don't seem to load properly in Penumbra, however, they work just fine when installed via Textools. I am sorry for this issue and I will try to figure out what the problem is.. until then if you do have an issue with my stuff on Penumbra, please use Textools to install them tyty <3 All that said, this mod "should work" on Penumbra because I didn't edit the Metadata on any of the parts used.

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy!!
-PS : You can now find me on Neko Mods Discord server :D I will be posting Mods you can only find there :) in Kahm's Corner <3
Discord link : https://discord.gg/8x2G75D46w

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Olivia's Promotion Outfit.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Thu Nov 25 2021 04:54:25 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Thu Nov 25 2021 04:16:44 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Affects / Replaces :
Thavnairian Bustier, Armlets, Tights, Sandals or Antecedent's Attire

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