Regalia Type-Q 1.3.2

Version: 1.3.2

  A Mount Mod by AntiLoliAbuseRanger

Contributor Information:

Version 1.3.2 comes with 2 modpacks in a .rar file. Install 1.3.0 FIRST. After that install the patch. Patch will overwrite the model file and some textures. It wont nullify your colorset choice. Patch 1.3.2 allows you to choose between roof variations.

I update patch notes with every release so if you're wondering about exact changes per version you should read them

Author's Comments:

This mod replaces Regalia Type-G with a Blender'ed model along with some slightly changed textures. Makes the car more compact, less fantasy-esque and gives it a look similar to that of Quartz Regalia from Forza. Removes most of the flight-related parts of the model. Comes with several colorset options and 2 body variations that can be selected during installation.

🎞Video preview, deployed hardtop version 1.3.2(no GShade):
🎞Video preview, retracted hardtop version 1.3.2(no GShade):

Modpacks feature screenshots and short descriptions for all body and color options.

Some details:
1.Only vanilla resources were used.
2.This is NOT a port of Quartz Regalia from Forza. Its a Blender edit of the original Type-G model.
3.Tall characters or bunny ears WILL CLIP through the roof.
4.Length of the model was reduced, parts of it removed and rescaled.
5.Most of the "flight" parts were removed.
6.Wheels are fully functional animation-wise.
7.Player placement should work the same way as in vanilla but I didn't test it with 3 other players since I'm a loner
8.Comes with colorset options that can be selected during installation.
9.Does NOT❗ support texture/colorset mods that weren't adapted for it. Type-G textures will look like a mess due to all the changes made to the model. Additionally, some parts of the model were made with their own material set in mind
10.Textures were NOT upscaled or properly modified cause I don't know a thing about UV:blob_sunglasses: All changes were achieved by simply editing existing textures in Paint.
11.Don't know how it affects performance but polycount is ~5.5 times larger(~18k vs 99k/96k) than that of the original as of Patch 1.3.2. Weight of the model on extraction from TexTools is ~6.5 times larger.
12.Doesn't rely on any fx files, so it should be compatible with vfx and BGM mods.

-Do whatever you want with it. Feel free to repost it, improve it and claim ownership, or use it for a kinky "I love dogs"-type photoshoot with blackjack and anamnesis. I don't care.

🖌Colorset editing:
-There are 4 materials, A, B, C and D. Material A affects the body of the mount and is tied to mesh 0. Material B affects the interior and is tied to mesh 2. Material C affects glass and is tied to mesh 3. Material D affects most metallic parts and some lights and is tied to mesh 4. Use "Highlight Colorset Row" option along with selecting a specific mesh(a dropbox at the upper right side of the model preview) to know exactly what you will edit.
-Body color of the car is tied to rows 8, 15 and 16 of A.
-Metal parts are on row 10 of A and D and rows 9 and 10 of B.
-Rims are tied to row 14 and 15 of A. Dyed parts of the rims are tied to row 16 of D.
-Brake lights are on row 5 and 6 of A. Rear lights on row 6 of D. Headlights and 2 lights on sides of the rear are on row 7 of D.
-Glowing pieces of batteries, wheels, exhausts and area under the car are tied to row 9 of A and D.

A text description for those who really like to read:

Basic information:
1.As of update 1.3 the only part of the mount that wasn't modified is the interior.
2.Due to the changes made to the model textures were also changed
3.Additional material set was added to make certain parts of the model fit better
4.Mentioned changes were made to make the mount look similar to Quartz Regalia. Naturally it's not a 1 to 1 copy, since I was only inspired by it and didn't port it
5."Flat textures" I will mention are basically flat "model sheets" that had textures slapped on them. As you can guess they tend to warp and look terrible when I bend them in Blender and they also require textures to be of very high quality to be pleasant to look at. Considering how low-res original textures are, and that I have no idea how to draw them properly since I know nothing about Blender, using them is not an option.

Front of the car was reshaped, that includes:
1.Hood of the car - it is now shorter and bends in more spots, shape similar to Quartz Regalia
-Added more detail to the hood by messing with its shape and normals
-Added weird hook-thingies on the hood as seen on Quartz
-Added vents(?) on the sides of the hood
2.Wheel covers are not as big, shape is different
-Nuked vanilla texture, all shape now comes from the changes in the model itself.
-Removed the metallic ornament cover with Regalia insignia, sealed up wheel cover holes left in by developers to reduce poly-count I guess
-Made wheel covers properly connect with the hood, as seen on Quartz Regalia
3.Front wheels are modified
-Rims are now similar to Quartz Regalia
-Inner part of the wheel is now similar to rear wheels and is a spinning "magitek turbine"
-Axles were removed for they no longer serve any purpose
4.Front grille is no longer a flat texture
-Added actual 3D grille guards and accessories similar to those seen on Quartz
5.Headlights are no longer a flat texture
-Reworked shape of the frame and glowing bits of headlights, should be more similar to Quartz now
-Added additional lights to the front of the car, as seen in Forza
-Front area below headlights is now also 3D
6.The battery cover is no longer a flat texture. You can now actually see through it instead of having 2 flat textures slapped over each other immitating what's behind them.
-Batteries themselves were also reshaped. Not like you'll see them unless you look, but they now look more similar to detailed shape of the Quartz battery and have a fancy regalia icon on them
7.Windshield and its elements received some attention.
-Added a rear-view mirror
-Added bending elements to sun visors.
8.Added Regalia logo to the front of the mount

Sides of the car were reshaped, that includes:
1.No longer a flat texture.
2.Texture itself is 1 tone, complexity achieved through 3D edits.
3.Added Regalia logo to both sides of the mount
4.Side-view mirrors were reshaped:*
-Size increased, shape similar to that of Quartz
-Added fake reflections
-Added lights in front of the mirrors as seen on Quartz
5.Added door handles

Rear of the car was reshaped, that includes:
1.Original rear hood/trunk was removed and replaced
-Added a socket for break lights at the rear next to the seats, as seen in Forza, but with a different shape and serving as a vent
-Added weird hook-thingies as seen on Quartz
-Added a spoiler
-Added "Regalia" text onto the spoiler as seen on Quartz Regalia
2.Rear bumper was reshaped to look similar to Quartz Regalia
3.Rear wheel covers are not as big, shape is different
-Shape is similar to that of Quartz Regalia but not completely 1:1 due to the width fo the chassis of the mount
-Replaced the pixelated vanilla texture of wheel covers, added 3D tint instead
4.Rear wheels are now exposed, rims were changed from a flat texture into something resembling actual rims
-Made rims similar to Regalia Quartz.
5.Reversing lights and exhaust pipes were reshaped to look similar to Quartz Regalia
6.Added a number plate socket(?) similar to Quartz Regalia. Didn't know what to write on the plate itself so its empty.

Bottom/chassis of the car was reshaped, that includes:
1.No longer a flat texture.
2.Imitates the vanilla Type-G texture, except in 3D.
3.Insides of wheel covers are also 3D due to them being linked to chassis.
4.Tried placing glowing bits where "jump" vfx is played.

Textures were modified to fit changes of the model
1.Nothing fancy, paint edits to already existing textures made to reduce seams, bending and pixelization
2.Since I don't know how to mess with textures in blender and blindly calculating how to draw em in Paint is a huge PAIN I mostly replaced original textures with FLAT colors instead
3.New material set was added and uses its own set of modified vanilla textures

ColorSet options were added to the .ttmp file
-During installation you'll be prompted to select one of the several colorset options for Regalia
--Each set has a short description, based on its complexity/idea and is accompanied by a preview screenshot
--Following colorsets are available: "Modified Type-G", black, black + golden accents, white, white + golden accents, blue, metallic blue, red, metallic red, silver, golden, "Magitek", "#55", and "Elpis Quartet".
---"Modified Type-G" are the original Quartz colors. Body colors come from Type-G.
---"Magitek" colorset uses colors similar to those of Magitek Armor. Batteries and chassis have a "ceruleum" glow.
---"#55" clorset, similarly to "Magitek" uses colors of imperial #55 armor set. Batteries and chassis have a "ceruleum" glow
---"Elpis Quartet" colorset is inspired by Elpis and 4 linked to it. Headlights have a golden glow, batteries glow purple and light blue, interior lights are aqua and so on.

Neither the model nor textures are perfect, they're held together by duct tape and dreams. I did my best to eliminate clipping and some of the more obvious flaws, such as holes and dents/bumps on the model, but I could've missed something. If you spot some issue - its there cause I have NO IDEA how to fix it. Check out the video preview to not be disappointed after installation.

F.A.Q. section:
-Q: Why did you make this?
-A: Because I dislike the way the vanilla Regalia looks. Its far too long and low, especially considering terrain issues mounts in FF14 have. I got recommended a Regalia Quartz gameplay video cause I was playing NFS games and FF14 at the same time, so I kind of got in the mood of making it. I also hope it inspires someone else to upload something similar, except done properly.

-Q: Why were the plane parts(wings and such) removed?
-A: Because I dislike the way they looked and because of that I'm too lazy to find out how to deal with their animations and such since I never learned anything about Blender. Basically - I have neither desire nor any idea how to keep them in without breaking them terribly or learning Blender from scratch to the point where I can create complicated animations.

-Q: What's up with ugly pixelated bits of textures?
-A: Those are remains of vanilla textures that I left in because I am yet to replace them with something else.

-Q: What's up with ugly dark textures and seams?
-A: That's the stuff I have no idea how to fix. It torments me much more than it annoys you hahahaha. Just so you know, my knowledge of Blender is so limited, that I've made several versions of this mod while having to work on both sides of the mount simultaneously, because I had no idea how to mirror parts of the model.

-Q: Can I use colorset modpacks or retextures along with it?
-A: You shouldn't, unless you know what you're doing. And even then, you still shouldn't. Texture changes won't work well with the model since I use duplicates of certain parts and such. Not only would you have to manually put texture changes from my mod onto new ones. You'd probably have to "edit UV" or whatever and basically remap the model, meaning you'd have to rework half the mod - both model AND textures. Colorset mods for Type-G might not fit as well and you'll have to apply them to each material set manually too, meaning - you might as well create a colorset mod of your own at that point.

-Q: Will you update the mod, make any alternative variants?
-A: Most likely I won't. I basically made the mod for myself and only work on updates whenever I feel like it. As of version 1.3.2 I'm basically reaching the polygon softcap(I've seen somewhere that its 100k). That means I can't add more model complexity. If not for that, I'd probably remake the whole mount. Maybe one day I'll reapply textures via UV editing. But considering how much separate parts there are, and how messy the model is, it'll be a nightmare.

-Q: Can I edit the mod to function properly/look better and upload it? Should I message you about it?
-A: I only used in-game resources, so its not like I own any of it. I'll be glad to see someone make a higher quality replacement. You don't have to ask for my permission or anything - I don't care.

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Regalia Type-Q Version 1.3.2.rar : [ via Direct Download ]

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