Archangel (Dark Knight)

Version: 1.4

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Big thanks to ocealot for their VFX editor and Goats for their quick launcher. Thanks to the Textools Github Group for making the mod possible

Author's Comments:

I'm so excited for this one that I'm changing up my planned mod release order to go ahead and get this one out earlier than I originally planned. My previous job edit for Paladin was sort of to set the ground work for this one since it copies a few of the edits I did for Paladin.

I edited pretty much everything a level 90 Dark Knight could want. Ability VFX and SFX, Animations, Limit Break 3, a weapon, even their summon, all to make them into an angelic fighter.

A few things that are not demonstrated in this video are edits to Dark Knight's UI and HUD elements. There is also a Namingway code that you can find, along with the individual ability mods, in the Google Drive here:

Video Demonstration:

Check out my Kofi for a link to projects I'm currently working on:

Also, I would like to start posting pictures players take of my mods on my Kofi (anonymously and with your permission, of course). So if you want to send me images of you enjoying my stuff, my Discord DMs are always open! Knowing people are having fun makes all the work worth it!

I am now using Twitter! I will frequently post videos of work I am current doing here:

Update 1.0.1: Updated UI after learning how to find the rest of the Delirium stack status icons.

Update 1.1: Added skill swaps for Edge of Darkness and Flood of Darkness so they now use the animations of Edge of Shadow and Flood of Shadow respectively so that the mod maintains integrity at lower levels. The edited UI icons for Edge of Shadow and Flood of Shadow have also been placed on Edge of Darkness and Flood of Darkness as well. These additions have also been included in the master mod.

Update 1.1.1: Added back Salted Earth's decal ring, recolored to match Holy Spirits, for a more intuitive indication of where the AOE's border is.

Update 1.2: Fixed VFX spillover into Paladin's abilities.

Update 1.2.1: Added an edit for Blade's Justice in Archangel's theme

Update 1.3: Holy Messenger (Dark Missionary) updated to match the new range for Patch 6.4

Update 1.3.1: Combined the mod into an Advanced Mod Pack

Update 1.4 : Patch 6.5 Update and future proofing

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Archangel.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Tue Oct 10 2023 21:54:44 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Fri Mar 11 2022 22:44:18 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Dark Knight

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