True Angelic & Demonic Wings

  A Gear Mod by Jammer

Version: 1.0

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natyusha - angelic wings mod/model, original model from Boooooop (

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Working on the pants recently reminded me how much I hated the dinky little cardboard wings that came on these outfits. They needed better larger wings fitting of an angel or fallen angel (because really, that's what they are, not that demonic just because they're black but here we are). So I liked naty's mod. So i put those wings on these coats. Now they look better. Even if they clip with tons of things probably. But you're an angel, so that shouldn't really be a problem for you. The original wings were simply hidden with the normal map so the coats retain their extra data properties.
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Thu Mar 07 2019 02:19:41 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Angelic Wings, Demonic Wings

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