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- Please keep item swaps of my mods private. If people request them, either share the swaps in private or direct them to the gear swapping guide.
- Please don't repost my mods elsewhere or use them in commissions of any kind.

I'm sharing my reshade preset! It features a mild boost to vibrancy, nice MXAO, good anti-aliasing, some subtle bloom, and nice DoF for screenshots. Thanks to Espresso for letting me steal his DoF configuration and pointing me towards the qUINT shaders.
It can be found here, now bundled with everything it needs to run:
I'd recommend that you replace the entirety of \reshade-shaders\ with the stuff included with this, as some of the shaders that come with Reshade out of the box may conflict with these. If you're doing a fresh install of reshade, you can choose not to download shaders from its repository during install. Then set the shaders directory to \reshade-shaders\shaders and textures to \reshade-shaders\textures

It requires KeepUI_FFXIV from seri14 as well as (some of) the qUINT shaders from martymcmodding, which can be found on their githubs:

To use this, make sure to disable Edge Smoothing (Anti-aliasing) as well as Screen Space Ambient Occlusion in FFXIV's graphics settings.
For close-up screenshots, open up your reshade menu and enable ADOF while disabling FFRestoreUI.

Additionally, I have compiled a modified reshade .dll, found here:
This .dll is compiled from the official reshade 4.3.0 code, with one change: Reshade's network traffic detection has been disabled, meaning it won't turn the depth buffer off when it detects network traffic.
This is implemented as an "anti-cheat" feature, and I DO NOT condone using this for cheating in online games, as limited as the depth buffer may be in that regard.

My Guides
Using atlasing and transparency to blend things
(Some) PBR Textures and FFXIV
Diffuse to Mask (and normal) Conversion

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