Epic Gameplay [Gshade Preset]

Version: 1.0

  A Reshade Preset by Neiara

Author's Comments:


Hello! This is the first preset I've made and I thought I'd go ahead and share it. There are many amazing presets out there, but none felt "just right"; I found many to be either too saturated, too blurry or with way too much bloom added. My aim was to give the game a more sharp, vibrant and cinematic look while still staying true to the original. I tried my best to make it adapt well to all environments while making colors, lighting and details pop. (I also have very sensitive eyes so I tried to keep things from being overly bright & exposed... but there's no hope for Limsa.)

-This preset includes an optional ADOF and Border that can be toggled off and on if you wish via keybinds; the DoF isn't entirely cinematic nor UI friendly so I'd recommend it only for screenshots. There is also a second more subtle DoF meant to add a natural blur to the distance. If you don't like this, this can also be toggled off via DepthSharpenconstDof.

-This is a heavy duty preset, meant for higher end PCs. However, feel free to still try it out; I'd suggest first turning off SSAO if framerate is an issue, as it tends to chunk fps severely. Bloom can also be turned off for a few extra frames.

Feel free to tweak it further as things such as saturation and gamma may vary monitor to monitor and I don't expect it to be perfect by any means. I recommend using Lightroom for this.

To install, simply extract the .ini to your gshade-presets folder.

P.S I also suggest downloading Kartoffels' upscales for an even prettier game. ;)


More photos/comparisons can be found at:

Make sure Gshade is installed and up to date before using this preset!

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Nei_EpicGameplay.ini : [ via Direct Download ]

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