Natumi Henna Megapack

  A NSFW Skin Mod by Spiswel

Version: 0.1

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Titan Firm for the Tight&Firm diffuse maps, Natsumi Lorielthy 🌙 for modeling the preview shots :3

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A collection of small henna tattoo mods, all originally made for Natsumi and now available for public download. This is the result of a good 3-4 months of progressive work, and they're about 50% photoshopped/50% hand-painted parts.

There are 4 designs available:
- Henna
- Henna_LITE
- Henna_Underboob
- Henna_2

Henna is a design that affects the following body parts: underboob, thigh, lower back (non-Au Ras only).
Henna_LITE is an underboob-only version of Henna.
Henna_Underboob is an original, other design that only affects the underboob part.
Henna_2 is an alternate, lighter design that affects the underboob and butt/thigh parts.

They come in either "BLACK" or "WHITE" variant, with an exception: Henna_Underboob only come in red henna color and Henna_2 comes in either white or red, not black.

Please experiment and find the tattoo of your liking! And let me know if there's any problems :3

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