[Mount] MHW Rathian

Version: 1.0

  A Mount Mod by Heiwa

Contributor Information:

This mod was an adventure. Huge thanks to Silvris from Xentax discord for their help on that.

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Author's Comments:

Replaces Rathalos mount with Rathian. Litterally. The model comes from Monster Hunter World.

No, this isn't the same dragon! For those who don't know, Rathalos is the male while Rathian is the female. The rathian has needle-like spikes on its back, wings and tail, which it uses to poison its target. It is also more agile and can, for example, perform an aerial salto in order to attack with its tail and surprise its prey. However, it has much less firepower than the Rathalos.

The difference between the Rathian and its subspecies, the Rathian Sakura, lies in the effectiveness of its poison and its agility in the air. Finally, the golden Rathian is described as a legend whose existence is not certified and that only the greatest heroes have been able to eliminate, at the top of a tower whose name has been erased from memory over the years.

Anyway. Lesson's over. Weight issues might occur on the wings when not flying ( small issues ). Most of the body is correctly rigged, feel free to report any bug on Discord.

Comes with 4 options :

- Classic green Rathian & Green rathian eye
- Sakura Rathian & Sakura Rathian eye
- Golden Rathian & Golden rathian eye
- Glossier Golden Rathian & Golden rathian eye

Model and textures ripped by myself.

Permissions : Do not claim as your own, feel free to edit but if you want to repost, ask permission first, do not repost on shopping platforms such as ko-fi, gumroad, patreon.


- Heiwa Astralis

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[Mount] Rathian, Sakura Rathian & Golden Rathian.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Fri Jun 10 2022 13:21:40 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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