BDSM Canopy Bed - Cordy's Kinkporium

Version: 1.1

  A NSFW Furniture Mod by Cordelia Mist

Contributor Information:

:pribbon: The people of my Discord which I call my family, for supporting me along the way
:discord: <- Cordy's Kinkporium Discord
Bed Sheet textures & mesh were taken from Nyaughty's Slut Bed furniture mod because i suck at making fabrics, while the rest of the canopy bed was modeled and textured from scratch.

Author's Comments:

Welcome to the 30th Official mod of the Kinkporium, A BDSM Themed Canopy Bed!
The Bed design was made from scratch with the use of a few images for reference points throughout the week, the top half of the canopy bed made for the primary resting place, while the bottom half consists of a small cage for your sub/pet.
The Cage floor contains a cozy red and black fabric for your pet to cuddle up & rest in, and its door can be sealed shut with a padlock, allowing the sub/pet to stay locked within, only let free to roam once their owner allows them too.~
You are also able to peer down into the cage from the sheets above, or use the 3 metal loops above the cage for various purposes you may come up with using your imagination.
The Bed was also designed intentionally with many spirals and beams to allow for many locations where rope, tape, or other various binds can be attached and used!

Enjoy The Mod!~:bchearthug:

- For those who use BDTH, you can place an oasis bed under the area where the cage is under the floor at y: -1.050 from the floor (0). and you will be able to have your pet /doze and they will fall asleep in the cage. The cage floor was placed at just the right height to make this possible.
- For those who simply want to stand inside the cage, turn on your RP walk and glitch into another object nearby the bed within close range. You will then be able to walk right into the cage (glitch into the bed)

:pribbon: SUPPORT & COMMUNITY :pribbon:
Like what I do? Consider making a donation to my Ko-Fi , or getting a membership on my Patreon/Ko-Fi for extra benefits, early access, and a discord role giving you access to behind the scenes content and more!

There are bound to be some bugs and issues you uncover, please do not be shy to bring up the issue and I will do my best to take care of it. Put your issue in my Discords #bugs-support-help channel and I will get back as soon as I can, I do not often read user reports from the archive site

- Please do not use any part of this mod for paid private commissions.
- Please also do not alter the mod design.
- If you wish to port this whatsoever, please message me for permission on discord or give advice or suggestions and requests on how to better improve the mod.
- The meshes that I use are mine and made by me, so my mods will stand the test of time and any potential copyright drama. These mods deserve to be out here for the community to enjoy, not be afraid of having them taken down. Any additional meshes used in this mod have been given a full OK by the original mod authors

I plan on developing several BDSM Mods, after spending all summer of 2020 learning blender, ensuring that I will master 3D modeling in such a way where once I produce one Mod, I will be able to create many more at a quick pace!
For too long, FFXIV's BDSM lovers have gone without new mods to use for screenshots, RP, and other situations.
Luckily, with the creation of Cordy's Kinkporium, BDSM Mods will soon change that for the better!

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C.K. - BDSM Canopy Bed.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Mon Sep 05 2022 03:58:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sun Sep 04 2022 23:14:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Riviera Canopy Bed

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