BnS - Black Dragon - Bibo+

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Gear Mod by kahm

Contributor Information:

Thanks to Illy Does Things bizu Tsar for Bibo+ and Rig
Thanks to Blade and Soul (game) for the original materials
Thanks to Rimy and Kara for helping me test this and for their Pictures
Thanks to Textools for making it possible

Author's Comments:

You ever have one of those pure, "Oh Damn!" moments? Not the painful kind, but the kind where you just have to have something in your life cause it's just like.. Oh Damn! XD XD XD
Well here ya go...

Introducing the Black Dragon Outfit from Blade and Soul! This is an alternate version of their Azure Dragon outfit not released in the NA versions of the game (as far as I know.. I never saw it), I did not alter this outfit from it's original form aside from making it work with the Bibo+ body. I found this little gem after I did a full game rip trying to locate an armor for a friend's request.. and when we saw it.. well as you can see, it is now part of the XIV Mod Archive!

This outfit makes use of the Antecedent's Attire and due to it's Very Skimpy nature, it is being posted as NSFW.. I just elected to have some pubic hairs for good measure... >.> It makes use of the Bibo+ Body and textures and comes in various Size Combos. Each size combo has a "Fuzz or No Fuzz" option to display pubic hairs or not. This outfit is currently not dyeable.

Size Combo Options are:
Large Chest with Small Butt/Legs
Large Chest with Medium Butt/Legs
Extra Large Chest with Small Butt/Legs
Extra Large Chest with Medium Butt/Legs

*Note about Fuzz - This does NOT add pubic hair to your character!! It will use the pubic hair option you chose when you originally installed Bibo+. If you did not select and pubic hair during the install, you will not see any even if you select a Fuzz option from my mod.

This was my first stab at porting something from Blade and Soul, that said.. it is not perfect. Some of the animations were very difficult to weight properly to the XIV Bones to get proper movement.. I'm looking at you skirt! I did my best though. I could have moved some of the mesh around to make life a little easier, but I like to keep ports as close to the originals as possible.. I hate removing/altering stuff... Thanks again to Kara and Rimy for their support, pictures and helping me test this outfit out <3

Anyway, feel free to Edit/Upscale/Downscale/Re-post/Whatever, just please give me credit for the original mod Thanks ;) If you notice any major issues with this mod feel free to DM me a picture of the issue and I will see about fixing it as soon as I am able! Thanks again for your support and I look forward to continuing to supplying you with mods! If you wish to support me -in other ways- Please visit my Ko-fi page <3 and buy me a coffee :D

PS: You can find me on XIV Mods & Resources Discord Server. In Kahm's Corner you can find mods I've only shared there :D

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BnS - Black Dragon - Bibo+.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Sun Oct 09 2022 20:14:14 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sun Oct 09 2022 19:38:56 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Contributors :
Illy Does Things

Affects / Replaces :
Antecedent's Attire

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