Antique Playing Cards for Astrologian

Version: 1.0

  A Gear Mod by Penny

Author's Comments:

I was kinda surprised that nobody has made a mod yet for Astrologian that gives them a nice-looking playing card deck, so I did my best to make one myself. I settled on a set of vintage cards -- I know this mod already breaks the lore of Astrologians, but I didn't want to give them a shiny modern deck of Bicycle cards, y'know? So, I figured some old-school "antique" cards would fit the game's fantasy aesthetic a bit better.

When you're feelin' like takin' a gamble, rolling the dice on livin' or dyin', just remember... with this deck, you've always got an ace up your sleeve!


Changes the "stock" Star Globe (the standard one given to all starting Astrologians), as well as most VFX related to card draws.

The globe itself is invisible, leaving just the spinning cards. The hip sleeve of cards has not been edited. Feel free to install your sleeve-removal mod of choice, such as:

♣️ Lunchboxes & Sleeves Begone by Riven
♥️ Hidden Deck by McDanceyPantsExtreme
♠️ Hide the Cards Rose Radiuju
♦️ Astrologian Remove Card Deck by KageModz

(Did I have to give you four different options of deck-removal mods? No. Did I, just so I could use the four suits as list bullets? Abso-freakin-lutely)


Standard draws are sorted by color. Minor Arcana draws (Lord/Lady of Crowns) are just what I thought were thematically appropriate.

♥️♦️ REDS (MELEE/TANK) ♦️♥️
The Balance: King of Hearts
The Arrow: Queen of Diamonds
The Spear: Jack of Hearts

The Bole: King of Spades
The Ewer: Queen of Clubs
The Spire: Jack of Spades

♠️♥️ MINOR ARCANA ♥️♠️
Lord of Crowns: Ace of Spades
Lady of Crowns: Ace of Hearts

I've dabbled in modding before, but nothing this serious, so please let me know if there are any issues that arise when using this. Minor model edits in Blender are one thing, but editing VFX is a whole new territory for me!


Cards are restored 1926 Piantik vintage playing cards from Austria, c. 1926. Yes, these were real cards!

Images scanned by and sourced from -- I struggled to find a good source for these cards, but this shop had a set of PDFs with the scanned cards available. Huge thanks to them for having those scans!

Thanks also to 0ceal0t for VFXEdit, as well as Arcoy for the Persona Cards and Effects for Astro mod, which I dissected and studied while making this mod (none of their assets are in my mod, I just took apart their mod to see how it worked and what I needed to change).

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Astrologian Antique Playing Cards.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Fri Jan 20 2023 11:33:58 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Star Globe, AST Card Draw Skills

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