Dalamud, the Divine Puppers

Version: 1.2

  A Mount Mod by sortofarbitrary

Contributor Information:

Big thanks to ocealot for their VFX editor and Goats for their quick launcher. Thanks to the Textools Github Group for making the mod possible. Ilmheg for the multiassist tool.

Author's Comments:

Debuting my first mount mod. Brought a lot of what I've learned for summon editing to mount editing, as well as some new things I've recently learned about SFX editing.
Replaces the Kamuies with Dalamud, Menphina's wolf.

Each Kamuy has options for No VFX Aura, VFX Aura only, VFX Aura+VO Lines from a single god,
and VFX Aura+VO Lines from two gods in multiple languages. You can select what BGM you would like to play on each mount as well.

Blissfull Kamuy has options for the original Dalamud form with ice VFX with VO Lines from Menphina as well as a Divine Wolf form with light themed VFX and VO lines from Hydaelyn.
Choose from Your "Answer", "Favor", "Rhythm of the Realm", and "Dedicated to Moonlight" for your BGM.

Auspicious Kamuy has a wind theme and VFX, Background Music "Fair Winds to Guide", "Course Uncharted", and "Myths of the Realm", and VO lines from Llymlaen and Oschon.

Euphonious Kamuy has a fire theme and VFX, Background Music "Pilgrimage", "Radiance", and "In the Balance", and VO lines from Azeyma and Nald'thal.

Hallowed Kamuy has a water theme and VFX, Background music "Fair Winds to Guide", "Myths of the Realm", and "Course Uncharted" and VO lines from Nymeia. VO lines from Thaliak will be added when he is introduced.

Legendary Kamuy has a lightning theme and VFX, Background Music "Pilgrimage", "Radiance", and "In The Balance", and VO lines from Byregot and Rhalgr.

Lunar Kamuy has an ice theme and VFX, Background Music "Favors" "Rhythm of the Realm", and "Dedicated to Moonlight", and VO lines from Halone and Menphina.

Reveling Kamuy has an earth theme and VFX, Background Music "Favors", "Rhythm of the Realm", and "Dedicated to Moonlight" and VO lines from Nophica and Althyk.

Update 1.1 - Fixed the issues with the BGM causing lag when multiple Kamuies are on screen. This should also allow the mod to be shared with Mare properly. The BGM should also work with Textools, but please let me know if it doesn't. This fix required me to scale back my ambition for randomized BGM.

Update 1.2 - Patch 6.5 fixes, added VO lines for Thaliak, Llymlaen, and Oschon, as well as BGM for the new 24 man raid.

Video Demonstration: https://youtu.be/-GkK-0v8lpM

Check out my Kofi for a link to projects I'm currently working on: https://ko-fi.com/vulonsulin

Also, I would like to start posting screenshots players take of my mods on the Aether Link mod page and on my Kofi (anonymously and with your permission, of course). So if you want to send me images of you enjoying my stuff, my DMs are always open.

I will frequently post videos of work I am current doing here: https://twitter.com/SortofArbitrary

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Divine Puppers (All Kamuies).ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Mon Oct 09 2023 15:22:01 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sat Jan 28 2023 01:37:10 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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All Kamuies

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bgm, dalamud, kamuy, mount, sfx, vfx,

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