Viera Ponytail Mashup 3-10

  A Hair Mod by ๖ۣۜζ͜͡ Crystallis𒁍

Version: 1.2

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SE for the meshes and Kylie for her great Hair Defined textures ( - ) !

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Updates :
1.2 : Port to hair 4 added !
1.1 ✨Shinny✨ made a .ttmp for TT1 users ! Thank you !!!

Hello pretty bunnies !

This is a mod I made at first for my boyfriend and I, because we liked Viera's ponytail, but not the poodle bangs.
It is a mashup of hair 3 with longer mirrored hair 10 bangs. ( I know there is a mod with mirrored bangs for hair 10 but I didn't use it for this mod ) I made the ponytail a bit longer as well.
I hope you will like it !

I recommend using :
Ears Defined
HD Speckled Rabbits
with this mod, because the hair has HD textures.

👌 Highlights ok.

⚠ Accessories textures are not included. It will use vanilla textures or any HD, color, flowerless texture mod you installed.
⚠ The file includes a ttmp2 and loose files for 1.9 users and people wishing to move it to another haircut. ( weights might not work on non ponytails hair )

📸 Please tag me if you share sfw pictures using this mod, I'd love to see them ! ♥

🛑 Permissions :
• Do not use my mods for any paid stuff.
• If you wish to use it for any free public stuff :
- Please ask me first. ( I won't bite and I'll most likely say yes ! )
- Do not forget to credit me or the contributors.
- And please have it mirrored on XIVMA so everyone can find it.

💞 If you like my work, please consider supporting me 💞


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Mon Aug 05 2019 12:38:32 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Thu Nov 21 2019 11:15:55 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Hair 3

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