Seeker of the Sun Piercings

  A Face Mod by Dratiant

Version: 1.0

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A big thanks to Nozomi Kei for the piercings, Internet Brot and Titan Firm for the lashes, and a really big thank you to Nyaughty for their help getting the face to not explode!

Author's Comments:

I added various piercings to all 4 of the face mesh for Seeker of the Sun. Also included is Titan's eye lashes, and fangs from Keeper of the Moon. I hid the forehead jewel and added the attribute to the piercings so that they could be toggled on/off in the character creation screen, and not have every Miqote have piercings. I will be rolling out facial piercings for other races.

Do what you want, just give credit to the proper people. Please don't use my stuff for any commissions.

☠If there is an issue with any of my mods, kindly send me a DM on Discord with a screenshot of the issue and I will fix it as soon as possible.

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V1.1 Separated the ear piercing mesh, weighted it to the ears, and added the attribute which will hide the ear piercings while wearing hats.

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Seeker of the Sun Piercings v1.1 : [ via ]

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Seeker of the Sun Face 1, 2, 3, 4

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