Better Bikinis - T&F 2.0 / BBWVR - All Sizes

Version: 1.3FINAL

  A NSFW Gear Mod by Jammer

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Titan Firm - base body/modkit. Lizzy 💋 for texture help. Inspired by recent bikini mods by Lorielthy, Kaiten. Sel for Summer Micro Bikinis. natyusha for BBWVR body/resized Au Ra legs.

Author's Comments:

v1.3FINAL - just added a simple white mask hotfix download to replace the vanilla one i didn't know anything about when i made this mod. you'll need to manually import the texture as it is not a ttmp

I just wanted to note that I have no plans to revisit this mod anymore even though I planned on redoing it. Instead I am going to be focusing on new higher quality pieces for TF2 Small as can be seen by my recently released getting and vanilla conversions. I haven't been happy with the quality of this mod for a while especially with the poor larger size texture stretching and the amount of body types that need to be updated so I will be making new variants that anyone can help convert if they want. 

So you want nicer bikinis and bodies for those bikinis but maybe you want something closer to what the game offers? Well this might be for you. With obvious liberties in design due to the nature of the modkit and personal preference, this keeps some elements of the game's original bikini designs.

v1.2 changelog - Fixed missing neck when long gloves are equipped. Added BBWVR leg and body options. Added normal map option to fix strap alignment for WVR body.
v1.1 changelog - Added Micro Bikini Halter and Tanga options. Moved mod to NSFW section.

✅ This mod replaces the Black, Blue, Green, Red, Lunar and Solar Summer Sets
🔹 Mix and match top and bottom sizes as you desire.
🔸 Some color differences such as an actual bright yellow Solar set instead of the original dull golden color.
🔸 Options for alternate halter and tanga styles such as Micro, Thong and Modestly Cheeky.
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