Sheer Edengate Healing and Striking Attire for Highlander (NBP XL+Jiggle)

  A Gear Mod by Sko514

Version: 1.0

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Uses NBP by Tsar
Requested by Avonion 💙

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⚠ AFFECTS ALL RACES AND GENDERS! Please continue reading for more information.

✅ Compatible with long gloves and high boots.

⚠ Please enable full physics to see the jiggle, this mod does not work with "Simple" physics, so please change your in-game settings. This setting can be found in "Graphics".

This mod is an overhaul to the ugly outfit imo that is the Edengate robe (at least on highlanders) to make it look at least a bit more appealing, so the following changes have been made:
▫ Front "wings", the shoulder plates and central piece of cloth for the robe have been removed.
▫ BBB to the pants (midlander based).
▫ Made the pant's waist-band transparent.
▫ Added physics to chest, bulge and butt.
▫ Transparency for the robe.

Please keep in mind that the transparency affects ALL RACES. This includes the transparent robe and pants, and the waist band. It will not break other models. Please turn on transparency like so:

If you do NOT want Transparency, only import the 3D model file from the .ttmp.

Other than that, any clipping comes from the game. Anyone is free to make midlander versions.
Please enjoy :catmelt:

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Thu Aug 29 2019 16:14:35 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Thu Aug 29 2019 14:57:49 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Edengate Robe of Healing and Striking, Edengate Pantaloons of Healing and Striking, Edengrace set

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