Pet SFX - (Realistic Minion Sounds)

Version: 1.0

  A Sound by BliepBliep

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Thanks to 0ceal0t for creating the VFXEditor plugin:

Author's Comments:

Adds animal realistic SFX for certain animal minions, they are tied to some of their special animations so some minions can get triggered by /pet while some can't. (check description)


Will provide XIVMA with a direct download link since it's against their download policy to refer to a free mod where you need to register an account at. If you are interested to download it there, then here is the free ko-fi link:


All sound are registered under the Voice Sound Settings in FF System's Config, if you want it lowered or increased.


List of the SFX which gets added to which minion:

- Grunting SFX:

Hedgehoglet- Random & /pet
Tiny Rat- Random
Mini Mole- Random & /pet
Baby Opo-opo- Random & /pet
Dwarf Rabbit- Random & /pet
Capybara Pup- Random
Meerkat- Random & /pet

- Chick SFX:

Wayward Hatchling- Random & /pet
Storm/Serpent/Flame Hatchling- Random & /pet
Princely Hatchling- Random & /pet
Black Chocobo Chick- Random & /pet
Heavy Hatchling- Random
Castaway Chick- Random & /Pet
Chocobo Chick Courier- Random & /Pet

- Piglet SFX:

Behemoth Heir- Random & /Pet
Shaggy Shoat- Random
Tiny Tapir- Random & /Pet
Piggy- Random
Poogie- Random & /Pet

- Duck SFX:

Ugly Duckling- Random & /pet

- Lizard SFX:

Chameleon- Random
Sewer Skink- Couldn't find

- Horse SFX:

Unicolt- Random & /pet
Wind-up Ixion- Random & /pet
Pegasus Colt- Couldn't find

- Bird SFX:

Bluebird- Random & /Pet
Road Sparrow- Random & /Pet
Silver Dasher- Random & /Pet

- Dog SFX:

Wolf Pup- Random & /Pet
Cerberpup- Random & /Pet
Gestahl- Random & /Pet
Mameshiba- Random & /Pet
Black Hayate- Random & /Pet
Komainu- Random

- Cat SFX:

Coeurl Kitten- Random & /Pet
Black Coeurl- Random & /Pet
Gaelikitten- Random
Weatherproof Gaelikitten- Random & /Pet
Tora-jiro- Couldn't find
Nagxian Cat- Random & /Pet
Byakko Cub- Random


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Thu May 11 2023 14:14:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Thu May 11 2023 14:11:01 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Minion's Special Animation

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animal, cute, minion, sfx, sound,

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