Machinist Actions - Minimal VFX

Version: 1.0

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Thanks 0ceal0t for their work on VFXEdit
Inspiration by Papapachin and Zx-Lanze

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This is my second FFXIV skill effect mod published, I mentioned in my last modpack that Monk was coming next--sike :p I ended up benching that project for a few reasons; I spent a lot of time in TOP as a Machinist...

My approach for Machinist was a bit different than my approach for Samurai--but you can expect the same quality!
Since Machinist isn't burdened with positionals, isn't too constrained by visibility in general, and is typically further from the target--I used a bit more graphics in these skills.

I do not like a lot of the hops and base skill concepts for Machinist, so basically none of the weaponskills resemble their original counterparts. I did however do my best to keep to the theme or name of the actions.

All-in-all, this animation set focuses a little bit more on guns, bullets, and combat machines. I had a blast making it and I enjoy how it ended up!

Note: you might need to to toggle different jobs back and forth a couple times before the skeletal pap animations update.

🎞️ Video Preview 🎞️

The preview version currently includes individuals for these skills: (I'll make them all in one package once Dalamud is back up for 6.4):
β€’ Scattergun β€’ Air Anchor β€’ Head Graze
β€’ Reassemble β€’ Arm's Length

The full version has an All-in-1 Penumbra Package File, and also Individual actions TMBs if you want to pick and choose which actions to use.

β˜• Get the full version here β˜•

In the video I also list the types of adjustments I made to each action, such as...
β€’ Minimal FX: reduction in existing visual effects, to declutter the animation
β€’ New Effects: new or altered visual effects for the action
β€’ New Sound: new or altered audio effects for the action
β€’ New Motion: different skeletal animation, some are swapped from other actions, and others were modified using 3D Modeling software.
β€’ No Frames: has sound and visual but no skeletal movement (activates seamlessly with other actions)

Here is the list of actions included in the full version:
════════ Weaponskills
Heated Split Shot
Heated Slug Shot
Heated Clean Shot
Heat Blast
Air Anchor
Chain Saw
Auto Crossbow

════════ Offensive Abilities
Gauss Round
Automaton Queen

════════ Buff/Debuff Abilities
Barrel Stabilizer

════════ Role Actions
Second Wind
Arm's Length
Leg Graze
Foot Graze
Head Graze

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Machinist Actions - Minimal VFX : [ via Direct Download ]

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Wed May 24 2023 02:23:43 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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many Machinist actions

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