Assassin's Personality 2.0 - Idle, Sit & /lean animations with dagger

Version: 2.0.1

  A Animation by yllisne

Contributor Information:

SE for some of the animations

Author's Comments:

Changes idle3, idle4, sit2 (chair) & /lean emote to playing with daggers animations. Works for all.
1.0 Preview:
2.0 Preview:

= Update 2.0 =
♥ added idle 4 - a cute pose with hiding dagger behind your back while smiling innocently
♥ added more daggers variants
♥ added lalafells, fixed hrothgars' clipping
♥ added tail movement
♥ fixed weirdly curved ears for some races

Known issues:
♥ in case of using modded knives, redraw self when meeting people in penumbra, or they will see the wrong dagger,
♥ when choosing modded knives, better to set modded in every option, cause some of vanillas share textures and things might look weird,
♥ some talls levitate on sit
♥ lalas animations for lean and idle3 are different so they won't stab themselves anymore

New idle was inspired by the cover of this mod:

Archived 1.0 version available here:

= ♥ =
Hi! This one is for all the edge folks! So I remembered that in Elder Scrolls Online they had this "Personalities" which changed your idles and some emotes, so I thought - why not make it here? It's all experimental, my animation edits are experimental, I'm just starting. But I hope you guys will have fun with it, with your friends and while roleplaying! I'm always so happy to hear that you're using it and to see your characters!

Knives models credits:
Tactical Knife:

Butterfly Knife:

Messer Knife:

Primary File or Link:

[yllisne] Assassin Personality 2.0 - Idle, lean & sit animations.pmp : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Tue Oct 24 2023 11:16:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sat Jul 15 2023 18:30:10 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
idle3, idle4, /sit2 (chair), /lean

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