Gear Set Icons Revamped

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Version: 1.1

Comments / Description:

Because grey-and-black gear sets are just boring.

An overhaul for the gear set icons to make them more closely resemble the icons seen on the Party List and Character Panel. It includes all classes and jobs, colour-coding DoW/DoM by their role and making all DoH/DoL classes a slick silver-and-black.

Care has been taken to ensure icons remain readable at lower hotbar scaling, however, these icons are not actually any larger than the default and thus they will still look blurry at hotbar scales higher than 100%. If there's a particular need for 'truly' HD icons then I guess I can do those?

The preview image shown above omits Culinarian and the basic classes as I don't actually have gear sets for those - if you'd like a cleaner preview of all included icons, please see the link labelled "Preview" below.

Interested in a fancier look for your gear set icons? Why not check out "HUD Job Icon Upgrade" by Ulli?

1.1 Update: Now available in HD! At twice their original size, these icons should hopefully be nice and sharp even at higher resolutions. However, I'd still recommend using the originals unless you need them to be larger - they can get a little crunchy-pixels at lower sizes, or at least they did when I tested them. A preview for the full-sized HD icons can be found right below.


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Fri Nov 08 2019 17:42:31 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Wed Nov 13 2019 18:47:58 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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All Job/Class Hotbar Icons

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