Classic Bold - for Midlanders

  A Face Mod by meri

Version: 1.0

Author's Comments:

This makeup was created using my Marceline - For Midlanders mod ( ), but you can use it with any Midlander head. Was kinda going for a cute/spooky/doll aesthetic here, but hopefully it's versatile enough!

And, as always: your results will vary depending on what Reshade preset you use.
(No reshade used in the preview image.)

This mod contains the following changes to all Midlander Female faces (diffuse only):
—♡ Higher resolution face texture, details repainted in necessary areas
—♡ Bold, cat-eye winged liner
—♡ Red lipstick with faded edges
—♡ Blending around eyes and cheeks, dark eyeshadow
—♡ Blush on cheeks and nose
—♡ Four sclera color choices so you can be the supernatural cutie you deserve to be:
—— White (default vanilla) - Spooky black - Hazbin Hotel Hype red or yellow

I definitely recommend checking out some of the great eye mods uploaded to the site! It's a fantastic way to make your eye color pop and add a nice polish to your overall look.

Note: The full effect of the lipstick can be seen best when using no lip color

Known issues:
— Undesired lip shape/edges can appear when using extreme lights/darks on the Dark setting of the Lip Color options. This is due to the mod using the vanilla specular texture. I plan to come back to this with an update.
— Face 2's eyeliner looks a bit off when using Eye Shape 1

If you find a bug or problem with the mod not mentioned above, please let me know in a DM. I can't fix things if I don't know about them, so specific constructive feedback is really appreciated! ♡

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Mon Nov 11 2019 10:39:19 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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