Gunbreaker Sound Effects Mod

Version: 6.0.1

  A Other Mod by Jeido

Contributor Information:

Many thanks to Yellabble for helping me support the Chinese version of the game by providing me the required files, and testing the mod.
Many thanks to Vincent Himmelen for informing me about TexTools supporting raw files imports.
Thanks to Goaaat for his version of FFXIVExplorer which adds a lot of very useful features (

Author's Comments:

The old, non-TexTools version of the mod is now discontinued. If you were using it at any point and switch to the new version, make sure to uninstall anything that may be left from it (especially the .dat2 file). You can do a clean uninstall of the old version by removing the .dat2 and .bak files, and downloading Index Backups from TexTools.

A mod that replaces the Gunbreaker's sound effects by the 5.0 ones. There are 2 versions of the mod, "Original" and "Mixed".
"Original" replaces all of the sound effects by the 5.0 ones. Replaces even the ones that weren't changed, for good measure.
"Mixed" mixes some of the old ones with the new ones so it keeps that satisfying metallic sound it used to have in 5.0 while also having the more noticeable explosion sounds it got in 5.01. For the few skills that I think did get better after 5.01, I kept the new SFX.

Original Soundset Preview:
Mixed Soundset Preview:

Here is a list of all of the modified SFX in the "Mixed" set:

-Keen Edge: Old SFX
-Brutal Shell: Old SFX
-Solid Barrel: Old SFX
-Burst Strike: Old SFX
-Demon Slaughter: Old SFX
-Sonic Break: Old SFX
-Rough Divide: Old SFX
-Gnashing Fang: Old+New SFX
-Savage Claw: Old+New SFX
-Wicked Talon: Old SFX
-Abdomen Tear: Old+New SFX
-Eye Gouge: Old+New SFX
-Danger Zone: Old SFX
-Blasting Zone: Old SFX

If a skill isn't listed, it means it keeps the new SFX.

*Prior to 5.2. Future changelogs will be located in the History tab.

07/01/20 - 5.18-2

*Changed Danger Zone to Old SFX in the Mixed Soundset
*Fixed sound effects being completely missing on the last enemy in The Epic of Alexander (Ultimate). Thanks to Bottled Water for finding and reporting this issue.
I do not know for sure what caused that, but I assume it is because I didn't update the mod since 5.11, as it seemed to me that no new sound effects were added since then. Because of that, I assumed Alexander Ultimate and Blue Mage's new spells were already in the files since 5.1, but apparently, that wasn't the case. From now on, the mod will be updated after every updates to prevent this issue from happening again. I apologise for any trouble or inconvenience I might have caused.

25/12/19 - 5.18:

*No sound effects were added with 5.18, so the 5.11/5.15 version of the mod still works

10/12/19 - 5.15:

*Added support for the Chinese version of the game, and an other version of the mod that replaces all of the sounds by the 5.0 ones as requested by Major and Valic.
*No sound effects were added with 5.15, so the 5.11 version of the mod still works

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Link : [ via ]

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Last Version Update :
Tue Dec 01 2020 11:25:47 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sun Nov 17 2019 11:48:29 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Gunbreaker's Sound Effects

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