Remote Vibrator [Animation] [NSFW] [Read Instructions]

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Animation by Mittens

Contributor Information:

A massive thank you to DodingDaga who is the creator of the "Puppet Master" plugin that this mod works best with!

A huge thank you to Risa too who is the sexy Momma in the mod page image. Meow!!

Author's Comments:

I have Kofi, check me out to support me and see updates on what I am working on:

I also have a Discord! Come join: Click the discord symbol in the top right of the mod page <3


This mod can be used with and without "Puppet Master - by DodingDaga" but I STRONGLY recommend you use it with that plugin and read the bellow instructions for the BEST experience.

Installing "Puppet Master - by DodingDaga":
STEP 1A: Go to your in game escape menu and open "Dalamud Settings"
STEP 1B: Click on the "Experimental Tab"
STEP 1C: Scroll down to the "CUSTOM PLUGIN REPOSITORIES" section [THIS IS NOT THE DEV PLUGIN LOCATIONS SECTION!!] and paste the bellow link into the text box :

STEP 1E: Now close out of that and open the "Dalamud Plugins" option in your escape menu and search for and install "Puppet Master".

Set up "Puppet Master - by DodingDaga":
STEP 2A: Type /puppetmaster into your chat box. This will open up the settings window.
STEP 2B: Set up your Trigger word. In this example mine will be "Mittens"

All you need to do now is give your trigger word to your Dom/Partner/Owner/Buddy! Be careful who you tell your Trigger word to and don't forget you can always change it. But then tell them the five "remote buttons" listed bellow.

Vibrator stages:
Stage 1 - Blush
Stage 2 - Stagger
Stage 3 - Panic
Stage 4 - Grovel
Stage 5 - Play Dead

All the person with the "remote" needs to do is write the following in the text box to you:
<trigger word> <emote>
Example: Mittens stagger
The above example would cause my character to experience the Stage 2 of the vibrator and play the associated animation OwO.

You did it, you gave complete control to someone and now they can force you to have mind bending orgasms.... you're welcome?

Seriously all! I spent a stupid amount of time on the sounds and animations for this one. I know the set up is a little long but it is actually really easy! I just wrote it out in detail so that even people who struggle a lot will manage it! I really hope everyone has the absolute best time ever with this one!

Last lil recommendation is for your remote holder to set up Macro buttons for even more immersion UwU

As always.... more to cum! >w> See what I did there <w<

Primary File or Link:

Remote Vibrator [See Description] [Mittens].ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

Other Files and Links:


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Last Version Update :
Sat Sep 30 2023 19:52:01 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sat Sep 30 2023 17:50:12 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
/blush /stagger /panic /grovel /playdead

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