Coronal Bikini (Eve/All)

Version: 1.0

  A Gear Mod by Valkyrie

Contributor Information:

XPS-Fanatic on DeviantArt for the DOAXVV rip.
Nyaughty for Eve body

Author's Comments:

⭐ A port based on a hawaiian style flower necklace from DOA.
Comes in 2 version:
- chest version which features the Eve body
- necklace version compatible with most bodies

Both versions come in normal size and Milky/more clearance for bigger boobies and bikinis. Obviously the necklace version can clip with some outfits but it seems to work well with most bodies, like Pythia, T&F, Bibo+ and YAB.

⭐ 8 different colorsets included, with easy editing to create your own!
White/Red - default color
(Blue/Purple/Pink)/White - simple recolors
Autumn - brown recolor for a nice autumnal look
Ghostly glow - white necklace with a a bit of glow, rather strong at night
Vampire - black/white/red recolor that reminds me of vampires

Those are just examples and you can easily create your own. Use the colorset in Penumbra (see preview pic 3) or Textools to edit the rows. In Penumbra make sure to select the material, you can match it by looking at the path.
Row 1 - Leaves
Row 3 - Big blossoms, outer part
Row 4 - Big blossoms, inner part
Row 5 - Base blossoms, outer part
Row 6 - Base blossoms, inner part
Row 7 - Triangle blossoms, outer part
Row 8 - Triangle blossoms, inner part

⭐ Permissions
If you want to port it to other bodies or do small edits, please link back to this page as a base.
Otherwise feel free to do whatever.

Primary File or Link:

Coronal Bikini Eve+All.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Sat Oct 07 2023 21:36:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Sun Oct 01 2023 14:29:27 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Affects / Replaces :
Coronal Summer Halter, Peach Blossom Choker

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