Yet Another Estoqueur

Version: 1.0.1

  A Gear Mod by Lighty

Contributor Information:

Aleks for YAB+ and the Devkit, and Victana for the commission.

Author's Comments:

Another partial commission courtesy of Victana that just so happened to align with a glam of mine as well... So I finished the whole set! :)

The Estoqueur's set (80 RDM AF gear) upscaled to YAB+ sizes. And with so. MANY. OPTIONS.

The Estoqueur's Bliaud comes in Small/Medium/Large with Buff options and has a whole nine variant part tags to show/hide... deep breath half the skirt, the whole skirt (and show off a belly piercing!), the black lace trim on the skirt, the bows on the skirt, the cape, the bow on the chest, the necklace, the lace undershirt and the buttons! (All tags are listed in the description so you don't lose them)

The Estoqueur's Bottoms come in Watermelon Crushers and Skull Crushers, with Small Booty options. They also have the metadata tags to hide the black trim or the socks.

And the Estoqueur's Thighboots come in Watermelon Crusher and Skull Crusher size, as well as the option to turn them into knee boots! Because they looked so ready to be :3 You can hide the buckle... things and the kneepads on them as well.

The skirt... functions. Skin tight skirts, it turns out, are real hard and the UVs decided to play silly buggers with me, but I eased the seam as much as I can manage and I think this as good as the weights are gonna get. Please don't look too close at the undies, I had to recrate them from like four polygons... and expect your upper thighs to escape containment in extreme poses.

The only option I've pre-packaged is the knee-boot option, since it also requires the metadata edit to stop it from hiding your knees. To hide parts in Penumbra, select the mod, click on the Advanced Editing tab > Meta Manipulations > Variant Edits, add one for Equipment/enter the ID 541/Body or Legs or Feet. Untick as many as you'd like, hit the Apply Changes button and redraw. To hide parts in TexTools, navigate to the gear piece in question, click on the Metadata tab and scroll down to the bottom and untick away. Hit save up the top and off you go!

Please have _bibo textures installed so you don't see the black magic I wrought on these meshes to cover holes.

The new fonts in the cover images are stayin'. I like 'em.

If you wanna chat about anything - a bug, a request, a commission or just happy YAB noises - my discord is @fightylighty, or you can ping me (if you can catch me). If you'd like to keep me consuming a frankly insane amount of pretzels while I work, my Kofi is "Hey lighty, what are you up to next/when are you going to do xyz??" check out my Trello!

En garde!~

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Yet Another Estoqueur.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Mon Oct 30 2023 03:25:15 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Wed Oct 25 2023 10:02:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Estoqueur's Bliaud, Estoqueur's Bottoms, Estoqueur's Thighboots

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