Classic Summoner skill remake[EW]v1.03/经典风格召唤师技能重制

Version: 1.0.3

  A VFX by papachin

Contributor Information:

ocealot for VFX Editor
izumi_ktsis for technical exchange

Author's Comments:

Since the major changes to Summoner in Endwalker, most of my previous summon mods have become almost ineffective. However, I am actually quite satisfied with the effects of Summoner in 6.0, so I haven't started modifying them before. In the meantime, many talented modders have provided excellent Summoner mods for everyone. However now I think it's time to try and study something new.
(Thank you very much for Izumi's patient help here.)
This time, I have also set higher production standards and scale,almost remaked all skills, but as part of the "Classic" series, I have still decided to release it for free!!!
Although it's part of the Classic series,while trying to preserve the original design elements, I also have incorporated some elements from FF16, such as "Tri-disaster" and "Astral Impulse", in an attempt to faithfully recreate the FF16 version of "Tri-disaster" and "Giga Flare". Additionally, some inspiration comes from the Touhou series. I wonder if you can spot it?
Ifrit, Garuda, and Titan is using the Eden version models because I think they look more "stylish." As for Bahamut and Phoenix, I have made some additional self-design modifications to their models, textures, and color schemes.
By the way, there are more screenshake added this time, but all screenshake have options to be turned off, allowing you to customize whether you want them or not.

📼 Video preview :

V1.01:fix the texture issue of character's baha wings.
V1.02:fix [Astral Impulse] vfx's scale issue on lalafell and adjust [Wyrmwave]'s vfx
◆reduce [Searing Light] continuous vfx's size,
◆add a option of character Baha wings for Hro/Roe size adaptation,
◆adjust [Fountain of Fire] 's binder life to fix the issue that the bird will rotate when character moving.

If you like my modification work and are willing to support me,
I will be very happy and have more motivation.
不过虽然是Classic系列,但是其实我融入了一些FF16的元素,比如Tri-disaster和Astral Impulse就试图尽力还原FF16版本的Tri-disaster和Giga flare。

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Classic SMN remake by papa[EW]v1.03.rar : [ via Direct Download ]

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Mon Dec 11 2023 22:59:34 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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SMN‘s skills

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