CyViera 2.0 Armor Set UPDATED

Version: 1.1

  A Gear Mod by sketch9echo

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so originally i wanted some more tech ears for my Viera female. as i was scrolling around the interwebs i find and image that really, i dunno, spoke to me rofl (image is also in the linked folder :P). so felt inspired to make something and this was the end result inspired from that image. the challenge here (in order to keep learning) was to take a model that was high poly and get it down to useable, and use a model that hadn't been unwrapped and had no materials. this way i had to go through more of the process to get a useable piece of gear lol. fun stuff! rofl. anyway, i hope yall like it, i did want to do so much more to it but have lots of time already into it and need a break from it. for example there are boots (legging things) in the linked files i just haven't gotten to yet as well as wanting to add detail, like grunge, scratches, metal textures, stuff like that. anyway, i ramble on lol. used Bibo+ body for setup. there is a mega link to all the files i used to set this up, so, feel free to dive in, mess with, customize, port, change, or whatever rofl, and as always, enjoy!!!

Added a Huyr Mid Female setup so it works on all females fairly well, the headgear may be questionable on some races. honestly didn't check that part on all lol.
Added a Lala Otopop setup so it works now on Lala M and F.
*seperate earring is for the custom Lala Jaw/Ear Shield part.

Author's Comments:

changes the following:
-High Allagan Earrings of Aiming: The Jaw and back of head gear
-Late Allagan Mask of Aiming: The Head gear (w visor toggle for glow)
-Late Allagan Top of Aiming: The Shirt
-Late Allagan Gloves of Aiming: The Arms armor
-Late Allagan Pants of Aiming: the Bottoms

-Augmented Scaevan Ear Cuff of Aiming: CyLafell Jaw/Ear Shield part

-ears are designed with the same aesthetic as the armor, a link to the ears:

3d models have been altered from the originals, i didn't make those lol.
creds for the original models:
-Modural Robot Mecha Chimera Dyan
by: ChamberSu1996

also added the original model fbx to the mega linked folder so yall can have/see/mess with rofl

Primary File or Link:

CyViera 2.0 Tech Armor Updated for Lala.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Thu Feb 01 2024 03:17:29 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sat Jan 13 2024 02:21:46 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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armor, cyber, cybertech, gear, tech,

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