Alternate HD Nipples

Version: 1.0

  A NSFW Skin Mod by Ysaline

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urara for nipple and areola diffuse, Ysaline for editing and distribution, Titan Firm for base diffuse resource

Author's Comments:

UPDATE: I do plan on updating this to be compatible with certain futa bottoms and to match new bodies being released soon. I'm going to do them all at once, so update will get here when it gets here.

v1.0 - The modpack has been updated to better reflect each texture option and to default to the most updated texture. I've added rough normal maps to the modpack. These are entirely optional and experimental. They won't be compatible with all breast types or sizes, but are there if you want to try them. There may be issues with alignment or otherwise in their current state. They are entirely WIP, so please keep that in mind if you try them out.

This mod alters the diffuse textures for Midlander-Elezen-Miqo'te and Viera females and changes the look of the nipple and areola texture.

Two variants and three options:
"Classic" nipple - A larger, darker areola with well-defined nipples.
Updated nipple - A more defined and natural areola in both large and regular size with well-defined nipples.

This mod only contains diffuse textures. You will need your own base body first.
Import the .ttmp2 with TexTools, choose your options and you're good to go.
Manual install file includes loose .dds files that you can import using the "Import From" feature of Textools.

The diffuse is made to be compatible with both T&F2 and BBWVR(+futa) body bases. It should also support any other morphs or sizes based on those body bases.

Currently, it is semi-incompatible with Milf Mod sizes that alter the breast UV as they cause major stretching and distortion (less when using the Vanilla HD nipple option).

There will be distortion on extreme sizes.

Incompatible with lalafell. Incompatible with Delicious Futa Ladies (unless you manually edit the DFL diffuse). Probably incompatible with flat-chested or extremely small sizes (unless you like wearing pepperoni on your chest).

Please DM me through either of my contacts below if you find any major issues or breaks on the supported bodies.

You can probably export the diffuse from the installation races and import onto the Highlander, Roegadyn, and Au Ra (scaleless) bodies. They should technically work perfectly fine for all tall races. I have not included those options in the pack for now, however, since I haven't been able to test them.

Modding resources are included below that contain separate areola and nipple .pngs for anyone that wants to edit their diffuse themselves.

Credit for creation of the nipple and areola diffuse goes to urara, a friend who is very talented. They have allowed me to release the mod, as they are unable to update and provide support for it. Without their work, this mod would not exist or be available to others to enjoy as it is now.

They wish for everyone to have access to the mod and files, you are allowed to use and share this mod in any of your projects with full permission.

I personally ask that you give credit to urara for their work if you use these resources in any of your own mods. I do not ask for personal credit (Ysaline), except only for the distribution and upkeep of this mod and the files.

Please do not reupload this mod in its basic form to any Discord server or other location. Direct others to this page to download the files if you wish to share it.

Socials and contacts:
:twitter: - (@YsalineXIV)
:discord: - Ysaline#8014

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Alternate HD nipples modpack : [ via ]

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Fri Mar 13 2020 00:10:24 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Thu Mar 12 2020 08:36:55 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Titan Firm

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Diffuse, Body Texture, Smallclothes

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