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  A Concept Matrix Pose by LilRedAuriGirl

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Behold! This pose pack is stuffed with options to get all of the Ninjas and Monks to work up a sweat. There are thirteen unique poses with variations as needed for left/right, male/female, and even specifically Viera to account for their ears. Poses labeled unisex did not show enough discernible difference between male/female use, and in some cases Viera ears actually obeyed physics properly without any help! The idea of this pack is to allow you to use just about any combination of poses together with just a little adjustment to make dynamic sparring images. Please visit the Patreon download page for more information and to view a ton of example images for how these poses can be used! They were explicitly tested on Miqo'te, Au Ra, and Viera but can be used on other talls with minimal adjustment. Please do tag me or send me a DM if you use my poses, as I love seeing what people make!

EDIT: NOW WITH FIXED DOWNLOAD LINK. Thanks for the heads-up, Astrild!

If you like my work, I like coffee. meowheart
I have a special tier on my Patreon for my pose releases! My poses will always be made free, but the $3 gives you early access and you can request special non-public poses for yourself! This pose pack was released two weeks early on my Patreon.
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Miqo'te, Au Ra, Viera
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