Face Defined

Version: 1.3.4

  A Face Mod by Sofie

Contributor Information:

Full credit to SquareEnix for their vanilla faces which I fixed
Thanks and credit to dragonkitty for getting the custom limnals finally working for au ra!

Author's Comments:

Face Defined is a complete face texture enhancement mod for every race and gender of XIV.
It uses the same process slightly tweaked as the one used for Hair Defined.
Includes 517 textures, and Enhanced Eye textures to go with the faces.

▫️Patch 1.3.3: NEW ENDWALKER PATCH! Includes MALE VIERA and Male Midlander face 7 (aka Derplander face)
This was an abandoned idea as I couldn't get it to work originally. LUCKILY dragonkitty was able to get them functioning properly so all thanks and credit to them for the custom addition to face defined!

▫️Face Defined is designed to be a "Must Have" for any FFXIV willing to dive into some basic modding

Why should I use this instead of 2k facelift?
▫️ 2k facelift is a good 2 years out of date and is missing Hrothgar and Viera.
▫️ Quality of these textures are vastly superior. Smaller size, far more detail
▫️ 2k facelift is missing MipMaps on all the face textures which could cause crashing
▫️ 2k facelift as discovered is essentially vanilla textures increased in size in photoshop and then saved. Bigger, blurrier textures does not nothing but remove detail as seen in the comparisons below.
▫️ Active in game comparison between Face Defined and 2k facelift on elezen male #4. https://imgsli.com/MTk1MDA/0/1 and Au Ra Raen #1 https://imgsli.com/MTk1MTE/0/1 (Keep in mind that 2k facelift is "2k" in resolution and the individual textures are a larger file size)

Should I use the new mods trying to replace the defined series?
▫️ The short answer NO!
▫️ The long answer.....
▫️ MOST individuals trying to replace the defined series assume it is just as easy as slapping textures in an AI program, letting it do all the work and calling it good. AI programs cause massive issues with the texture. They tend to guess what should have been there and add weird extra stuff that looks out of place. Nothing created in that fashion offers anything even remotely close to what the defined series offers.
▫️ IF you want actual vanilla texture upgrades that do not alter the original assets in any way shape or form download the defined series. IF you want retextures that change the overall look of the assets or breaks them download one of the replacements.
▫️ Seen here are active comparisons of the defined assets and the newer stuff. You can see just how much of a difference quality makes. https://imgsli.com/NTUxNDI - https://imgsli.com/NTUyOTE - https://imgsli.com/NTczNDk - https://imgsli.com/NTg0NjE - https://imgsli.com/NTg0NjI - https://imgsli.com/NTkwOTA

▫️ You do not under any circumstances alter the size of any of the included textures as the textures will artifact.
(No upscaling / downscaling)
▫️ You are free to create any content you desire with these assets as a base providing you give proper credit and link to original source. We also like to know what gets made with our work so feel free to let us know!
▫️ We spent a vast amount of time developing these mods on our own time for free so in return you can NOT sell any mods made with these assets period. All mods created with our work must be 100% free. No patreon exclusives, no Ko-fi shops, no private commissions where you overcharge the person.
▫️ All mods created with our assets are allowed to be posted in any discord server or on any site save for the following. "The Contribution server", "The Repository", "The Glammour Dresser"
▫️ The previous rule is for multiple reasons. The primary being that those places are openly SELLING mods which we despise. Not to mention two of those places are being far to public about advertising (posting mod posts to twitter and such). This WILL eventually draw the wrong attention the mod community has been trying to avoid for years. I guess the lure of $$$ is just to great unfortunately. We want ALL of our assets as far away from any place like that so WHEN Square Enix and Yoshidas team eventually come after the mod community we will be free and clear from any legal actions taken. XMA is safe because it has a contingency plan in the event shit hits the fan.

▫️ I ask for nothing in return, I don't charge people for anything, nor do I want anything in return. I just want to give good free content to everyone. So keep that in mind.....

▫️ If you use these assets be sure to give proper credit.
▫️ Usage of these faces and assets are NOT allowed for use in Bibo/Bibo+ mods

NOTE: No these were not upscaled using waifu or giga or whatever. The process cant easily be replicated

Works best with combined use of Hair Defined
If you have questions or errors regarding my work please contact me directly. You will get better results than asking in a modding server I don't associate with.

Support me if you want http://ko-fi.com/sofiehiyatsuki
My card: https://sofie.uwu.ai/

▫️ Preview: https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/941/images/415/415-1595461016-1919196250.png
▫️ Download: https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy14/mods/415

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Main Download : [ via drive.google.com ]

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Thu Jul 23 2020 02:06:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Face Textures

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