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Face Defined is a complete face texture enhancement mod for every race and gender of XIV.
It uses the same process slightly tweaked as the one used for Hair Defined.
Includes 517 textures, and Enhanced Eye textures to go with the faces.

▫️Face Defined is designed to be a "Must Have" for any FFXIV willing to dive into some basic modding

Why should I use this instead of 2k facelift?
▫️ 2k facelift is a good 2 years out of date and is missing Hrothgar and Viera.
▫️ Quality of these textures are vastly superior. Smaller size, far more detail
▫️ 2k facelift is missing MipMaps on all the face textures which could cause crashing
▫️ Active in game comparison between Face Defined and 2k facelift on elezen male #4. https://imgsli.com/MTk1MDA/0/1 (Keep in mind that 2k facelift is "2k" in resolution and the individual textures are a larger file size
▫️ You do not under any circumstances alter the size of any of the included textures as the textures will artifact.
(No upscaling / downscaling)
▫️ You may not use any of the assets contained in this mod in the creation of a paid commission or paid patreon mod.
You may also not sell mods using these assets on a Ko-fi shop. If you make a mod and someone gives you a tip that is fine.
▫️ In the event you WISH to use these assets to make a makeup mod on or something and wish to use in a patreon, feel free to use the face as a base to paint on but you will have to just release the makeup as a separate PSD for people to paste onto their own face of choice.
▫️ ANY mods created using these base assets are allowed to be posted anywhere EXCEPT for the contribution server.
(They have openly acknowledged that everything they are doing is 100% illegal and I want none of my work and or assets anywhere near that place)
▫️ If you use these assets be sure to give proper credit.

NOTE: No these were not upscaled using waifu or giga or whatever. The process cant easily be replicated

Works best with combined use of Hair Defined

▫️ Preview: https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/941/images/415/415-1595461016-1919196250.png
▫️ Download: https://www.nexusmods.com/finalfantasy14/mods/415

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