NPC Defined

Version: 6.3

  A Face Mod by Sofie

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SquareEnix for the NPC textures

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NPC Defined is a complete NPC texture enhancement mod for a large array of main and side story characters.
It uses the same process slightly tweaked as the one used for Hair Defined.
Includes over 40 NPC's, and Enhances Face textures, Eye textures and in some cases hair and gear

▫️NPC Defined is designed to be a "Must Have" for any FFXIV story enthusiast

▫️ENDWALKER PATCH: Standalone Patch that includes a start of upgraded main line NPC's (names without context included in modpack) Preview pics
Also now includes fix for the Twins

▫️NPC Defined maintains the original texture design provided by SquareEnix while enhancing the detail by 4x. No changes, no alterations, no extra smoothing with effects just pure improved HD vanilla the way the assets SHOULD have been released as.

New update: New Version naming scheme, various Endwalker and Shadowbringer NPC upgrades.

▫️ You do not under any circumstances alter the size of any of the included textures as the textures will artifact.
(No upscaling / downscaling)
▫️ You may not use any of the assets contained in this mod in the creation of a paid commission or paid patreon mod.
You may also not sell mods using these assets on a Ko-fi shop. If you make a mod and someone gives you a tip that is fine.
▫️ In the event you WISH to use these assets to make a makeup mod on or something and wish to use in a patreon, feel free to use the face as a base to paint on but you will have to just release the makeup as a separate PSD for people to paste onto their own face of choice.
▫️ ANY mods created using these base assets are allowed to be posted anywhere EXCEPT for the contribution server (They have openly acknowledged that everything they are doing is 100% illegal and I want none of my work and or assets anywhere near that place)

Note: Another mod has popped up on Nexusmods titled NPC Works. This mod copies just about everything NPC defined does down the exact NPC's included in the modpack. Difference being it fails to include all the same assets (i.e. missing etc files and such) and uses an AI upscaler (ESRGAN) on all the textures as well as super out of date eye assets. The link seen here shows a comparison between defined assets and "works" assets and why just sending files through an AI program damages textures. Higher resolution version of this image is available on the Nexusmod page for NPC defined.

▫️ Do not include links to this mod with the intent of instructing on how to rip the assets for use in another mod.
▫️ If you use these assets be sure to give proper credit.

▫️ Included NPC's:
Louisoix Leveilleur
Y'shtola Rhul
Alisaie Leveilleur
Alphinaud Leveilleur
Thancred Waters
Hildibrand Manderville
Raubahn Aldynn
Krile Mayer Baldesion
Papalymo Totolymo
Moenbryda Wilfsunnwyn
G'raha Tia
Nero tol Scaeva
Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn
Minfilia Warde
Nanamo Ul Namo
Aymeric de Borel
Edmont de Fortempts
Ysayle Dangoulain
Cid nan Garlond
Khloe Aliapoh
Mide Hotgo
Hilda Ware
Hien Rijin
Gosetsu Daito
Yotsuyu goe Brutus
Yugiri Mistwalker
Fordola rem Lupis
Asahi sas Brutus
Gaius van Baelsar
Grynewaht pyr Arvina
Lyse Hext
Zenos yae Galvus
Alma bas Lexentale
Maxima quo Priscus
Midas nan Garlond
Urianger Augurelt
Solos zos Galvus

NOTE: No these were not upscaled using waifu or giga or whatever. The process cant easily be replicated
MANY of the included NPC's to include Ysale, Emet, Nero and others were at one point being worked on a legit face swap but all projects were scrapped (by myself and other modders) due to incompatible 3d models creating broken seams and clipping with the bodies.
Works best as an add-on to Hair Defined and Face Defined.
If you have questions or errors regarding my work please contact me directly. You will get better results than asking in a modding server I don't associate with.

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Tue Aug 18 2020 23:30:54 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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