Ascian Glyphs and Aura

Version: 2.3

  A Gear Mod by Midori

Contributor Information:

@Sel#6068 for knowledge
VampyrOfSwords for the clean texture of Emet-Selch glyph and Bufoodyne for Elidibus glyph used in the older versions
@ocealot#4484 for VFX editor which helped me with many things.

Author's Comments:

Twelve fully animated and glowing Ascian glyphs, Legacy Tattoo and potential Azem glyph (based on Azem's Invocation of Eld), as well as custom colors for auras and glyphs available to both genders and all races.

- In ''Glyphs'' folder you will find fourteen glyphs split across several flower headpieces along with six additional color variants for each (blue, goldish/yellow, green, pink, purple, white). Each glyph has installed an Ascian Aura by default. You will also find here upscaled versions of some glyphs. You can find ''Aura Removals'' in Aura folder if you wish to use only glyphs.

- ''Aura'' folder contains six different colors for the aura (blue, green, orange, pink, red and black), each color contains a lot of dark elements, they are not pure) You will also find here Standalone Aura and above mentioned ''Aura Removals'' that will remove the aura from the glyphs.

- Lalafell Edition main purpose is to rescale glyphs to better match Lalafells heads (by default they are very tiny). If you don't plan on using glyphs on Lalafells you can completely ignore it. If you are interested then you will find more information inside the Lalafell Edition folder. Both versions can be installed at the same time.

- Special Upscales folder contains older glyphs (Masked Mage, Nabriales, Lahabrea, Igeyorhm, Azem and Legacy Tattoo) that were remade to match with the design of the most recent glyphs (such as Fandaniel or Loghrif). They have better quality textures, more intense glow and defined edges.

Mod is affecting various colors of Arum Corsages (or Cherry Blossom corsages in case of Lalafell Edition). Textures were removed so you will only see glyphs and/or aura:
1. Black - Masked Mage/Azem
2. Blue - Nabriales/Legacy Tattoo
3. Green - Lahabrea/Pandaemonium Lahabrea (Broken and Unbroken)
4. Orange - Igeyorhm/Fandaniel
5. Purple - Ascian Prime (Lahabrea/Igeyorhm and custom Azem/Emet Selch)
6. Rainbow - Standalone Aura
7. Red - Ascian Prime (Mitron/Loghrif)
8. White - Elidibus/Mitron
9. Yellow - Emet-Selch/Loghrif
All nine headpieces are working with all jobs, genders, and races (including Viera and Hrothgar).

- Installing this mod may affect Ascian enemies by giving them incorrect glyphs, removing their auras, or changing their colors. Some unknown cutscenes may be affected too if you installed custom color for the Standalone Aura, other modifications shouldn't affect cutscenes. It is this way because the mod is directly tied to Ascian textures.

- Special Upscale glyphs are affecting Titan crafted weapons instead of Ascian enemies. However, you don't need Titan weapons to use them and possessing these weapons won't give you them either. Glyphs are still installed on flower corsages. Titan weapons serve now as a ''storage'' for their textures. Upon installing these glyphs, some of the Titan weapons will stop glowing. In the future, I plan for all glyphs to use this storage to avoid situations where for example by installing the Legacy Tattoo glyph you are changing Nabriales boss glyph as well.

- VFX data path values are included in the folder although due to the intensity of changes I do not recommend using them if you want to port my mod. For that you can instead use the flowers ID.

Small tip for reshade users. Plenty of reshades can cause transparency issues with glyphs, it can be easily fixed by disabling the following effects:
Depending on the intensity of your reshade there may not be a need to disable all three settings to fix the issue.

Mod is compatible with the latest version of Penumbra.

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Last Version Update :
Thu Sep 15 2022 03:39:26 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Mon Sep 07 2020 09:36:31 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Arum Corsages, Cherry Blossom Corsages and several Titan crafted weapons

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