Ascian Masks

  A Gear Mod by Midori

Version: 1.1

Author's Comments:

Six Ascian masks available to both genders and all races. Included (although limited) support from my other mod which will add most of them their respective fully animated glyphs and/or auras.

Affected gear (and all its reskins):
1. Replica Sky Pirate's Beret of Aiming - Elidibus
2. Replica Sky Pirate's Cap of Casting/Healing - Igeyorhm
3. Replica Sky Pirate's Mask of Scouting/Striking - Nabriales
4. Replica Sky Rat Mask of Fending/Maiming/Healing - Lahabrea
5. Replica Sky Rat Mask of Striking/Scouting - Ascian Prime
6. Imperial Shadow Visor - Emet-Selch (Hades)

I added to masks optional support from ''Ascian Glyphs and Aura'' but as mentioned above it is limited because these glyphs love to clip through many things. Limitations are stated below:
- No glyph for Elidibus mask (all races)
- All other glyphs will clip on Lalafell and Hrothgar

I do not recommend installing this mod along with ''Ascian Glyphs and Aura'' if you plan to install its limited support from this mod. They were not designed to work together and you may get unexpected results. Mods will work fine together if you will install masks only.

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Fri Oct 02 2020 08:53:56 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sat Sep 19 2020 18:07:32 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

24   2032
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Many headpieces

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