Asymmetrical Eyes Framework

Version: 1.0

  A Face Mod by Midori

Author's Comments:

Face modification that separates left and right iris textures. Mod supports every player's face of every race and gender.

After installing the mod original ''IRI A'' material will be affecting only the left iris from now on and the newly created ''IRI B'' will be affecting only the right iris. The new material comes with vanilla iris textures, just import any eye mods you want into it.

Additionally, AuRa, Hrothgar, and Viera no longer share the eye textures between the clans and are independent just like the other races. Keep in mind upon installing Framework for these three, all the eye mods you had installed for them will be wiped out and replaced with vanilla textures (which you can replace back of course).

Regarding compatibility: the mod adds new material (and thus reaching the max limit of 4 materials) and edits the 3D model of the faces. Any mod which does either of these things (for example horns mods) won't be compatible. Don't confuse it with texture mods such as makeups or scale mods, these will work fine.

There is an included compatibility patch for Sapphire Scaleless Aura (you need to install the original mod first) and Large Horns addon from HD Reworks 2: Forgiven Edition.

It is strongly recommended for the first time to install your eye mods manually by exporting/importing dds files. Using usual eye ttmp installers will make your mod visible only on the left eye (and in the case of the second clans of Aura, Hrotghar and Viera, they won't be visible at all). Once you will create your setup, just make a modpack and you won't have to do it anymore.

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