Version: 2.1.1

  A NSFW Body Replacement Mod by Illy Does Things

Contributor Information:

Tsar for his hard work - bizu for the permissions to use the Bibo Shape & Underwear Textures
and _Bibo custom material path/all related work -Tani for the Thin Leg Morph - Nitsah for the foot morph - Contains Commercial Licenses - Titan Firm for Gen2 texture files used for compatibility. - Bread for the BiboModConverter Script

Author's Comments:

A New Generation Body Type for Female Base Characters & sister body of TBSE for men. Please refer to the preview/reference photos to choose your preferred options. NSFW Images will appear after preview #3. Please remember to check the "Files" tab for more DL links!

Bibo+ features full asymmetry via a mirrored UV which allows easy transfer of users favorite scales, tattoos, and body options. This body replacement includes Bibo shaped top & bottom, all new hands & feet, 8 chest sizes, 3 butt sizes, 3 labia options, 6 pubic hair options and 2 brand new skin textures, Default & Smooth. Download contains NSFW version, SFW version & Modder Resources. This model is in quads. To access quadrified mesh, morphs for "Thin Leg" style & more use the Dev Kit.

Update 2.1 - Rig Version V9
Bibo 2.0 is a required update for users & creators. Please read the full information.
▫New & Improved Install Wizard.
▫Custom Skin Materials -> _bibo & _bibopube.
▫Includes Compatibility Patch for Titan Firm Gen 3 Users as an install option. New
▫ Includes Legacy option for use with Penumbra.
▫Adjusted for new TT update for use with Auto-Assign Skin features.
Ensure that you have turned on "Auto-Texture Assignment" in Textools via "Options -> Customize -> Check "Body Material Auto-Assign" at the bottom right corner - If issues persists use Tools -> Auto-Assign button.

Due to user error the B+ Skin Tool has been removed. This tool will be provided at a later date for creators only.
If you have a custom skin, scale, or tattoo you must export and reimport the PNG into Textools.

2.1.1 Update:
▫ Fixes Missing Material for Bibo+ Smooth & Buff
▫ Fixes incorrect arm attributes on select chest meshes.
If you experience these issues please re-install these sections.
Added Google Drive Mirror DL (Full Zip) - Check More Files Tab

For Creators:
▫Rig remains unchanged. You do not need to update anything besides skin texture location.
▫When creating mods on B+ assign your skin as _bibo and your pubes as _bibopube.
▫ For Custom Bodies on B+ ->Instruct users to turn on "Auto-Assign Skin Materials" - Install B+ Update first and then the custom body shape.

This feature is now defaulted into the B+ 2.1 Wizard.
If you do not wish to use Compatibility for Gen3 select "None" on page one "Skin Slot B"


3D ->
▫S/M/L Legs have Been Added.
▫S/M/L/XL Perky Chests have been added to base install.

Texture ->
▫"Smooth" Skin Option which removes details from the skin. XIV Vanilla Inspired.
▫Skin Installs for Soft Fingers & Bibo+ Buff have been included on base install.

Creators ->
▫Bibo+ Rig full updated to include all rear sizes, Thin leg morph & high heel morph.
▫Rigged, welded & morph applicable full body mannequin now included for creators.

Things to keep in mind:
▫Blockiness around the arms & legs has been drastically reduced. Due to this certain types of Gen 2 Long Gloves/Boots may have compatibility issues & need adjustments to fit Bibo+. This does not affect Vanilla items.
▫A "Gen 2 Legacy" texture has been added by default. A "Vanilla (Non-Gen2) texture has been placed in the optional folder and is for those who wish for vanilla compatibility only. Read more about this file in the notepad before installing.
▫Pubic hair will vanish while sitting in water (just like eyebrows) but will remains visible while in under water locations and while the character is wet. This is an XIV Limitation.
▫All NPC models have been replaced with the SFW Medium bust and Small bottom Install. This is to prevent clipping with vanilla skirts and to ensure child characters are not exposed in any manner. This will not be adjusted.
▫This is the final stage of Bibo+ 3D work. We have no further plans to expand the creation kit. As with many other new bodies it will be up to the community to expand upon the body shape, options, and features. Please be sure to review the "Derivable'' rules for Bibo+

Technical stuff:
▫Skin material _bibo is being used for skin textures. Bibo+ UV layout is based on vanilla UV to preserve vanilla compatibility & ease of use for modders.
▫Skin material _bibopube is taken by the pubic hair textures. You can delete this layer if not needed for SFW gear or gear that covers the pelvic region.
▫Bibo+ Resource Kit included. Has all everything needed for easier mod creation. 3ds Max 2018 or newer needed.
▫Small bits of clipping may occur around the neck in extreme head rotations. This is due to XIV's built in "connectors" which cannot be removed or vanilla items will break.
▫Scaled Au Ra may see minor bits of skin or scale seams depending on the head textures they use. Bibo+ is made to blend into Vanilla textures.
▫Lightened palms on characters will not show on Gen2/Vanilla hands due to compatibility and will only show on Bibo+ hands or if you are using the Vanilla (Non-Gen2) textures.

How to install:
Step 1 - Install "Bibo+ 2.0" Via the Wizard
Step 2 - Navigate the wizard and select all the options you wish to have installed.
Step 3 - Check the optionals folder for any additional content such as Scaleless Au Ra and Underwear Colorset.

Poreless Shader Add-On (Unofficial):

Permissions and recommendations:
▫Do not sell this body on its own.
▫Do not port any part of this body base into other games.
▫Credit Bibo+ when releasing.
▫Permanently Private / Ko-Fi / Patreon / Public is fine.

Bibo+ is a Derivative Body. You are allowed to use the Bibo+ body to make your own custom shapes and designs. However there are some minor rules:
▫Arm, Thigh, & All Seams must be kept/matched to Bibo+ preserve compatibility unless you are making unique shaped sizes with the intention to break compatibility, such as plus shaped sizes.
▫ Removal of Bibo+'s Asymmetry is not allowed. Bodies made from Bibo+ must maintain their Asymmetric property and layout.
▫Bodies made from Bibo+ MUST Keep the pube plane intact for legs.
▫You are not required to call derivative bodies "Bibo xyz" They can be named freely and textures packed to your own personal preferences.
▫Bibo+ must be credited
Use of this body or any of it's derivation versions in the production nsfw content of minor aged characters is strictly prohibited.

This body will be maintained on the XMA for ease of access to users. I do not receive bug reports for this creation via the XMA nor am I longer active on this site. Mirrors of this download, error reports & more are available via The Body House discord.

A list of known 3D edits for B+ type bodies can be found on the Bibo+ Compendium:

Please consider supporting Tsar & Bizu for their work & assistance on this body. Without them none of this would be possible.
Tsar Patreon:
Bizu Patreon:

Primary File or Link:

MF: : [ via ]

Other Files and Links:


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Last Version Update :
Tue Feb 22 2022 04:04:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Thu Apr 08 2021 23:22:47 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Contributors :
Titan Firm

Affects / Replaces :
Smallclothes, Emperor's Female Gear

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