War - Monk animation Replacement

Version: 1.0

  A Other Mod by bannny

Contributor Information:

Thankies to 0ceal0t for SkillSwap (you're amazing! You made my 'monk' tank dream come true ♥♥♥)
And thanks to EtaCarinaecer for guiding me on how to switch up idles n battle stances.

Author's Comments:

Simply put, this is a simple mod that swaps ALL Warrior skills into something a bit more 'punchy'.
Some skills seem to be broken with Male Roes and Lala's.. (apologies...)
And until we can actually swap idle battle animations... just gonna have to deal with holding an invisi-axe..

You will need to item convert the "Emperors new fists" onto whatever axe you want...

But simply put this mod basically brings Monk into Warrior!
Lay down the Smackdown with some punches. I also used Machinist's gun for 2 moves... Makes it feel like a tanky 'heavy bowgun w/ shield' in Monster Hunter World lol.
Also uses some Ninja skills as well!

Alas here are the skills that were changed.
Heavy swing > Bootshine
Maim > Haymaker (Seems to be a simple good kick n punch)
Storms Path > Touch of death. (Looks good for healing)
Storms eye > Six-sided star
Upheaval > Dragon kick
Onslaught > Earth Tackle
Tomahawk > Drill
Infuriate > Meisui
Overpower > Arm of the destroyer updated 4/22/22
Mythril Tempest > Four-point Fury
Steel Cyclone > Arm of the Destroyer
Decimate > Rockbreaker
Chaotic Cyclone > Elixir Field
Inner beast > Twin Snakes
Fell Cleave! > Demolish (Just start beatin em down)
Inner Chaos > The Forbidden Chakra
Orogeny > Shadow of the Destroyer updated 4/22/22

Defiance > Form shift
Vengeance > Shade Shift
Nascent Flash > Fists of Wind
Shake it Off > Brotherhood
Thrill of Battle > Mantra
Equilibrium > Anatman
Raw intuition > Fists of Earth
Berserk > Fists of Fire
Inner Release > Riddle of Fire
Holmgang > Riddle of Earth
Bloodwhetting > Riddle of Wind

This was a fun mod to make and truly, thanks to 0ceal0t for SkillSwap!!

Update 4/17/2022 - Added battle stance/autoattack animation of Monk. (Still looks great with Bloodwhetting and Primal Rend)

Update 4/22/2022 - Added VFX to "Beast gauge", Inner release, Changed overpower to "Arm of the destroyer", Orogeny into "Shadow of the destroyer" and Bloodwhetting into "Riddle of Wind". This update makes it so that Inner release makes you bloom out of the flower from Riddle of Fire. It coats you in a firey dust to enhance your 'raging blows'. This changes the obnoxious beast gauge vfx to small mini fires that circle your body as well~!

Update 4/22/2022 - forgot to add battle idles for female.

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True Monk Tank.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Sun Jul 11 2021 07:47:40 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Sun Jul 11 2021 07:20:46 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
ALL War skills animations

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