【FGO】SMN LB3mod《Báthory Erzsébet/鲜血魔女》

Version: 1.0


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ocealot for VFX Editor
Thanks the translation aid from'Eboy Submissive-Omega'

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※First of all, I won't create personalised mods, so don't ask for them! I make my own mods for my own purposes.
※And don't modify my mod and republish it to the public platform(Self use OK)

Summoner's lb3 is here. It also comes from FGO, but I'm sorry that it's from the... class Lancer again!!! This is the Noble Phantasm of Elizabeth Báthory-《Báthory Erzsébet》

The main inspiration for this is that Báthory Erzsébet's action is a roaring pattern over the area. With the wings of the dragon, it is easy to think of Elizabeth. Although the Summoner Lb3 is a circular AoE, and Elizabeth's Noble Phantasm seems to be a linear attack, it doesn't matter. Just keep in mind in-game that it's a circle. If you see the Excalibur, there is a beam through the target followed by a vertical column explosion! So if someone cares about this point , just understand it as an explosion caused by light and sound waves hitting the ground.

Starting off, the castle was impossible at the time and I didn't expect that I could actually create the castle with in-game materials. Although it was a little rough, it should look as seen in the video from a distance! Also, this LB3 is as flashy as the RDM's, so it's mainly for viewing purposes. It's practical, really. Hhhhhh. Regardless of how flashy it is, the chances are, only you are using this mod, so it won't bother other players. That, and you can't move when using it anyway, so good luck not being hit by things. ;)

the Video Preview:https://youtu.be/oLB-Yr8qMyQ

If you like my modification work and are willing to support me,
I will be very happy and have more motivation.

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Báthory Erzsébet=鲜血魔女.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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