Native Gold Raens & Imperial Jade Xaelas (NGRIJX)

  A NSFW Skin Mod by Spiswel

Version: 0.5

Contributor Information:

Tsar for the base NBP/The Body textures
natyusha for the base BBWVR2 textures
ApotheoticAdam for the base Adonis textures
ruta | awake at 6pm for the base Ruta scales
Titan Firm for the base T&Firm/T&Soft textures
Sofie for the base Face & Tails Diffuse textures & for the base Touch of Real textures
Evanara for the base Speculars

Author's Comments:

A relatively subtle yet elegant scales mod by me, which gives Raens' scales a brilliant gold hue and the Xaelas' a blue-green, jade-like hue.

"Native Gold Raens & Imperial Jade Xaelas" (or NGRIJX for short) aims at making the scales more brilliant and give them another color while staying relatively on-par with the vanilla levels of saturation to avoid a gaudy or plastic/fake feeling.
The change remains visually subtle, but will definitely satisfy any fans of Green & Gold dragons :O

✅ Comes with Ruta Scales options for females.
✅ Comes with Black Sclera options for both genders' faces.
✅ Compatible for both SFW & NSFW models.

Any questions, requests or suggestions? Direct them to me! (Spiswel#7777)

changelog -
v0.1 - initial release
v0.2 - added support for Females
v0.3 - added face options for Black Sclera & Choose Your Fighter <3
- added the rest of NBP body hair options for guys
- added Ruta Standard Scales support for body & face
v0.4 - completely remade original mod's textures for both M & F
- completely remade Black Sclera options for both M & F
- discontinued support of 2K Facelift face textures
- discontinued support of Choose Your Fighter face textures
- added support for BBWVR2 female option
- added The Body (1.5 hairless) support
v0.5 - added The Body 2.0 + Legacy A support
- repackaged mods into Advanced Modpacks
- added "Sol's Horns Redone" option for Females

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Sun Sep 13 2020 02:22:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Mon Jan 21 2019 19:04:03 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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