Custom Sin Eater Reaper Transformation - Au Ra Male

Version: 1.0

  A Gear Mod by Althea (Kida_Mei)

Contributor Information:

Uses Lorfangs by Illy Does Things and parts of Forgiven Au Ra Males by spiswel.

Also included in this pack is a port of Midori's "Zenos Scythe" mod.

Author's Comments:

A reaper overhaul that replaces the avatar and enshroud form with sin eater themed equivalents. This is 100% tailored to my OC Valas Do'rae, but people have asked if they could download it to look at and play with so here it is!

The Avatar - turns it into a set of wings with a gold halo. Assets used are from The Endsinger.
Enshroud Form - turns it into Valas's Sin Eater form. Uses assets from Spiswel, Illy, various mobs like Fatebreaker, Ran'jit's Dragon Form, and the Siren, and a few pieces of armor like the Skallic Coat of Maiming and the Demonic Slops.
Enshroud Aura - replaces the default sustained aura of Enshroud with the effect used on the Innocent Gwiber. This is the only VFX mod used.
EDIT: I realized I accidentally still had a port of Midori's "Zenos Scythe" active in this mod pack. I'm not gonna make a new mod pack, so I'm just adding credit here. I ported it onto the Death Scythe weapon.


As of right now I don't have ANY plans to make all inclusive comprehensive overhauls like this for all races. I'm looking at making some sin eater themed ones for people to use, yes, but they won't be to this scale since it would be a lot of work to make something like this for every face in the game. The wing avatar's weights are COMPLETELY fucked up and goofy, so certain animations pull the model apart and make it look pretty chunky. I'll be working on polishing that, but it'll be listed as a separate mod.
(An unpolished ttmp version with ONLY the avatar can be downloaded here:

When using this mod traditionally in TexTools, it WILL cause issues with other races. It will hide the whole head of other races since metadata effects all models.
EDIT 9/17/22: Penumbra updates now allow for mods like this to appear in collections. The avatar, transformation, AND vfx should all work now based on my personal tests. Still in need of confirmation if they show properly through Mare Synchronos.

For more preview shots and clips, please view this tweet:


For permissions and information about my mods, commissions, ko-fi, and more:


I have no association with these mods, they're just extremely cool and I want others to be able to find more cool Sin Eater stuff!

Sin Eater's Enshroud by DoppelDoppel:
Forgiven Obscenity Enshroud by Dekken:

Primary File or Link:

Valas - Sin Eater Themed Reaper Overhaul.ttmp2 : [ via Direct Download ]

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Last Version Update :
Fri Dec 31 2021 19:10:10 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Original Release Date :
Fri Dec 31 2021 18:54:36 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Enshroud Armor (e8100), The Avatar (w1911)

Races :
Au Ra
Genders :

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