Persona 5 ARR Citystates + More Music Replacement

Version: 2.1

  A Sound by ESMRF

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Shout out to Zazaru's guide for teaching me how to do this lol.

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Replaces the ARR City States and Inn's music before Endwalker with the following:
Ul'dah Day: Crossover
Ul'Dah Night: Beneath the Mask Rain version
Limsa Day: Tokyo Daylight
Limsa Night: Mori no Miyako
Gridania Day: Alright
Gridania Night Camping Night
Inn Version 1: Break It Down

Update 1.1
Victory Theme: P5 Victory Theme

Update 1.2
Inn Version 2: No More What Ifs
ARR Battle Themes: Last Surprise.
Revenant Toll's Day and Night Theme: Have a Short Rest
Mor Dhona's Over World Theme: Freedom and Security.
Central Coerthas Overwold Theme: Nothingness.

Update 1.3
Central Coerthas sanctuaries: So Happy World
Louisoix/Phoenix: Rivers in the Desert Instrumental
Bahamut Prime Phase 1: Rivers in the Desert Instrumental
Bahamut Prime Phase 2: Keep Your Faith
Bahamut Prime Phase 3: Throw Away Your Mask

Update 2.0 (added way more songs making it 1.4 would be underselling it)
Gold Saucer Main Theme: Whims of Fate
Triple Triad(Tournaments not included probably): The Ideal and Real (RIP Billy Kametz, love ya)
Gold Saucer GATEs: Kichijoji 199X
Ascian Cutscene: Blood of Villian
Garlean Bosses(Nero and Livia): Blooming Villian
Gaius Boss Fight: Counterstrike
Ultima Weapon Phase 2: Rivers in the Desert Strikers Remix
Character Selection Screen: Phantom
MSQ Castrum( might include the overworld ones idk): Gentle Madman
Praetorium: Tower of Life

Update 2.1
Removed because a few people kept having issues with it and I'm not sure how to fix it as of yet
Chocobo Racing: Whims of Fate Dancing Remix
Early ARR mid dungeon bosses: Willpower
Early ARR Final Bosses: Keeper of Lust
Torn from the Heavens(Not the FATEs and ARR Relic one): Rivers in the Desert

If anything goes wrong let me know ASAP so I can fix it lol at ESMRF#4314

Make sure to follow so you can keep up with the updates
Thanks for downloading!

On the off chance you're here for just Whims of Fate, and don't want any other mess then you can check out this guy
He also has Margaret's theme for the Lunderwaffe if that's your thing.

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Sun Oct 16 2022 23:40:15 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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Thu Oct 13 2022 01:13:21 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Affects / Replaces :
Several ARR BGMs. Victory Theme. Inns before Endwalker

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