Sonata Encore 5.0 + NPCs Update

Version: 2.1

  A Face Mod by codafex

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NakeyJakey's great music for keeping me company while I endlessly exported, imported, and replaced filenames for over 200 files rip.

Granblue Fantasy on Mateus Server for pointing out some lighting issues with the first version, and version-testing this new release. And for encouraging me while I worked on the NPC models.

Author's Comments:

New for 5.0! Hrothgar and Viera!
I wanted to revisit my eye textures for a while and 5.0's launch seemed like a good opportunity to do so.

All races, all genders, now have upscaled Iris Normals and Speculars. Speculars are custom and hand-painted by myself, and all have lore-friendly designs. The art style is a semi-realism, meant to fit in with the style of the game, and offer a little more vibrant and vivid eye colors more closely matched to the color palette in-game.

⭐ I recommend using these additional eye mods to further enhance your expereince!
-- Actually round limbal rings by zana
-- Sonata Encore Lalafell Eye Edit by noir

Fixed issues with certain races eyes having too bright of lighting reflection.
All NPCs have been given upscaled Normals and new Speculars. Yes, really all of them.
Custom painted textures for the following NPCs:
Y'shtola, Oracle of Light, Minfilia

This replaces all Iris Normal and Speculars for all races. It's a lot of files to install but it's one ttmp for your convenience. If you wish to pick and choose you'll have to uncheck the ones you don't want to install upon installation.
This works with Limbal Ring mods just fine.
If you notice white lines on the bottom area of the eye, particularly in smaller races, that's normal and part of the game's lighting. It might be more noticeable on darker eye colors or at certain angles.

There are TWO VERSIONS to this mod, make sure you download the one you want! I decided to split them into Players and +NPCS because I realize it's a lot of files and modding to do, and some people may not care to mod the NPCs to save modding space.

PLAYERS ONLY -- Only affects playable character models and NPCs that use them.
PLAYERS + NPCS -- Affects Player Models and ALL Unique NPC models. If it had an eye texture in the game, I modded it.

Thank you all for your help and support! \o/

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All Iris Normals and Speculars for All Races + NPCS

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