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  A Anamnesis Pose by FFxivOdette

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The content shall be continuously updated with new poses the moment they are released, thus I highly recommend to follow me on Ko-Fi as there you shall receive the notification. You may then also check previews of poses to see if anything catches your eye: https://ko-fi.com/ffxivodette

✅Private edits allowed
❌No reuploads
❌Claiming my poses as your own is not allowed

⭐ Anamnesis poses
⭐ Previews provided for all poses
⭐ Newer poses contain metadata
⭐ Poses compatible with: Midlander, Highlander, Miqo'te, Au Ra, Viera, Elezen and to a degree Roegadyn
⭐ Faces for each races can be easily fixed via the option in Anamnesis to load expressions for your designated race

Pack Name:
Couple Pack #1
Couple Pack #2
Couple Pack #3
Couple Pack #4
Couple Pack #5
Couple Pack #6
Couple Pack #7
Couple Pack #8
Couple Pack #9
Couple Pack #10
Combat Female: Tank Poses
Combat Female: Healer Poses
Combat Female: Magical Ranged DPS Poses
Combat Female: Physical Ranged DPS Poses
Combat Female: Melee DPS Poses
Combat Male: Ranged DPS Poses (WIP)
Combat Male: Melee DPS Poses (WIP)
Model: Female Hand Poses
Model: Male Hand Poses
Model: Female Poses
Model: Male Poses
Model: Female Sitting Poses
Model: Male Sitting Poses
Model: Female Facial Poses
Casual: Female Pose Pack #1
Casual: Female Pose Pack #2
Casual: Female Pose Pack #3
Casual: Female Pose Pack #4
Elegance: Male Suave Poses
Elegance: Vintage Poses
Elegance: Rose Poses
Elegance: Crystal Poses
Elegance: Serenity Poses
Elegance: Dainty Poses
Elegance: Exquisite Poses
Elegance: Softness Poses
Elegance: Opulent Poses
Elegance: Executive Poses
Elegance: Refinement Poses
Elegance: Graceful Poses
Elegance: Vintage Poses (to be remade/renamed)
Elegance: Demure Poses
Sexy: Male Slick Poses
Sexy: Male Smooth Poses
Sexy: Rebel Poses
Sexy: Slinky Poses
Sexy: Ravishing Poses
Sexy: Foxy Poses
Sexy: Passionate Poses
Sexy: Bombshell Poses
Sexy: Knockout Poses
Sexy: Supremacy Poses
Sexy: Fierce Poses
Sexy: Seduction Poses
Sexy: Coquette Poses
Sexy: Femme Fatale Poses
Sexy: Playboy Poses
Sexy: Pin-Up Poses
Sexy: Chic Poses
Sexy: Satin Poses
Sexy: Punk Poses
Bookworm: Female Poses
Bookworm: Male Poses
Aristocracy: Male Poses
Aristocracy: Female Poses
Seasons: Spring Female Poses
Seasons: Summer Male Poses
Seasons: Summer Female Poses
Seasons: Summer Golden Sands Poses
Seasons: Autumn Female Poses
Holidays: All Saints Wake Poses
Holidays: Starlight Poses
Holidays: Valentione's Day Poses
Holidays: All Saints Wake Poses
Ethereal: Elven Poses
Ethereal: Angel Poses
Ethereal: Devil Poses
Ethereal: Valkyrie Poses
Ethereal: Fairy Poses
Ethereal: Goddess Poses
Ethereal: Witch Poses
Ethereal: Sorceress Poses
Ethereal: Hofwarts Poses
Ethereal: Mermaid Couple Poses
Wedding: Couple Poses
Wedding: Bride Poses
Wedding: Groom
Dance: Couple Classical Poses
Dance: Couple Latin Poses
Dance: Couple Western Poses
Dance: Solo Erotic Poses
Dance: Solo Classical Poses
Dance: Solo Eastern Poses
Dance: Solo European Poses
Dance: Solo Other Poses
Anime: Pose Pack
Disney: Pose Pack
Miscellaneous: Pet Poses
Miscellaneous: Frost Poses
Miscellaneous: Mother Nature Poses
Miscellaneous: Island Sanctuary Poses
Miscellaneous: Authority Poses
Miscellaneous: Smokin' Hot Poses
Miscellaneous: Viking Poses
Miscellaneous: Greek Pantheon Poses
Miscellaneous: Pregnancy Poses
Miscellaneous: Masquerade Poses
Miscellaneous: Boudoir Poses (to be remade)
Miscellaneous: Family Poses
Miscellaneous: Nude Fine Art Poses
Miscellaneous: Arabian Nights Poses
Miscellaneous: Gothic Lolita Poses
Miscellaneous: Sweet Lolita
Miscellaneous: Lolita Pose
Miscellaneous: Kawaii Female Poses
Miscellaneous: Kawaii Male Poses
Miscellaneous: Boudoir Group Pose
Miscellaneous: Zero-G Poses
Miscellaneous: Radiance Poses
Miscellaneous: Angelic Poses
Miscellaneous: Espionage Poses
Miscellaneous: Friends Pose Pack #1
Miscellaneous: Coffee Break Poses
Miscellaneous: Lounge Poses
Miscellaneous: Hollywood Glam Poses
Miscellaneous: Parasol Poses (to be remade)
Miscellaneous: Mistress of the Dark Poses

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FFxivOdette Poses : [ via drive.google.com ]

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