Viera Refined

  A Face Mod by Sofie

Version: 1.1.1

Author's Comments:

Up-scaled and cleaned Viera faces I made day 1 of expansion. Improved to max of 1k to take into account new lower mod limit size. Any personal edits for private use are allowed. Any edits you wish to make for public release must go through me first. Just ask..... I will say yes.... ^^

1.1 Notes: Added brand new face normals which enhance the skin quality
Better lips on the normals
Improved eye textures

Standard Use Policy: All face textures are free use to be edited for makeup or whatnot under the following conditions.
1. Credit is given for me and the original mod on your mod release (and at least let me know you are going to be using them)
2. You can not use any of my textures in a paid commission or patreon mods (If you care to know why im so adamantly opposed to $$ mods feel free to dm and I will gladly tell you)
3. You may post your mod in any server (even textools) except for the contribution server (I do not support or care for their blatant ripping and reselling of content at what I consider to be highway robbery. $160 for a mod even split 30 ways is still $160 for a mod.... and you are NOT selling your time)

Note: There have been a large number of "Makeup" mods released lately for Viera that for some reason decided to not use these faces and went with either vanilla 256x128, or took 256x128 up-scaled them and called them "HD" if you look at picture 5 you will see a comparison of these face textures to an "HD" version recently released to better show why you should avoid those mods seeing as how they take up precious dat space.

Remember modding the game is only against TOS. SELLING mod content for a set price for a game you do not own the license too is illegal

I have a ko-fi feel free to support if you want. ^
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Wed Jul 03 2019 18:18:57 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Viera Faces

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